Break Against Me

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  • Published: 4 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 4 Oct 2013
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My entry to the 24 hour poetry competition.


1. Break Against Me


The moment I saw you I melted.

By the time I said my first word to you

You were already dripping from my hands

Forming a puddle by my feet

That I think I could see our reflection in,

And I desperately hoped you could too.


On our first date I held my breath

As I could feel myself soaking you up,

And you were letting me soak you up,

And the puddle at my feet 

Was growing larger by the minute,

And I know I could see our reflection in it.


When your lips first met mine

I felt you crash into me.

And you were filling my lungs

And trickling down my face

And rushing over me in every direction at once

And I didn't want to come up for air.


Over time I soaked up more of you

And you were no longer the puddle by my feet,

But the beating against the window

That comforted me as I lay in bed at night,

And promised that when I woke up

You would cling to everything I touch.


But after I had drunk up all the good parts of you

The bad parts started to leak out.

Words would flow from your mouth

And break against mine.

In the puddle by my feet

I couldn't see us any more.


Now you drip from my wrists

And pour from my veins,

And when I cough I splutter,

Pushing you out.

And I'm lying face down in the puddle

Drowning in you,

While you stand above,

Breathing in me.



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