My 'friend' is having a bit of a problem, i would really like some help on the matter.


1. Self-Titled

Well I have this friend, an acquaintance really, she heard I had a gig and asked me to make a query. You see... She’s a poet. Has been for a while, reckon she has enough to cover every bathroom tile. Anyway, to the point, cuz I would hate to disappoint. She’s been flapping around like she’s got a loose joint! Her hair is a state! She was ten minutes late; and I feel like I must, save her from this dreadful fate!



She has poet’s block you see. Terrible disease. Fuelled by a deadline and a will to please. She’s deflated, inundated, with feelings of woe and just can’t get her creative juices to flow! It’s a shame… Really is… And she’s resorted to… measures… to satisfy the need for her dictating pleasures…



She writes about things… well one thing to be honest… Don’t judge her for it! She’s very distressed! … This is a serious matter, so I shall not jest... it’s in my best… interests, to see her be well and I’ll be honest once more… she’s starting to smell... She just needs inspiration… a different topic… My concern is at its base is purely, philanthropic



So if you have any ideas, be sure to let her know. I have her email so, I’ll give you that before you go. She just needs a helping hand so that her condition doesn’t worsen. Then perhaps she will finally stop… writing in third person…

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