One Way Ticket to One Direction 2

Sequel to my first fanfic: "One Way Ticket to One Direction" check that out so this book makes sense! :) and for the rest of you that read my other book I hope you enjoy this book too! Stay awesome everyone!


1. Hospital visit

   ~Cat's Pov~
"No, Lily!" I yell, struggling to release Lily's grip on my leg.

"You lost and I won fair and square!"

"What's with all this yelling?" Niall asks, as Louis and Harry follow him over to us.

"I won fair and square and she won't let me prank her!" She whines.

  Earlier we were playing Mario Kart and I made a deal with her that if I won she would be my maid for a day. If she won, I would let her prank me. Obviously I lost. I wish I didn't make the bet. The funny is that she sucks at games and I'm better then her. I'm not bragging or anything.

"Louis, I need you to join me on Cat's other leg!" Lily orders Louis.

Without hesitation Louis quickly grabs a hold of my leg, sitting on the floor.

"Seriously Louis?!" I groan, trying to release his grip on my leg.

"I want to join!" Harry shouts, running towards us.

"No Harry!" I yell, before being crushed by him.

"Niall wants to join too!" Niall shouts, jumping on us all.

"Feeling the love right now," Lily says.

"I can't feel my legs!" I say.

"Who's phone is vibrating?" Harry's asks.

"Cat, I think it's yours. I'll get it!" Lily shouts, grabbing the phone from my pocket.

"Hey! I wanted to get it Lily!" Harry whines, slapping Lily's arm.

"Oh quiet, Styles!" Lily slaps Harry in the crotch earning a yelp from him.

"Aw seriously?" Harry groans.

"Hello?...Katie, I can't hear you...stop crying and take a deep breath for pete's sake!...where are you?...what?! We're on our way!" Lily quickly jumps to her feet.

"What happened?" I ask.

"Liam was crushed by a ceiling!"

"Where are they?"

"They're in the ambulance going to the hospital!"

"Lily, you text Kalel and Ruby that were on our way to the hospital just incase they wonder where we're at."

"C'mon!" Niall shouts.

"My legs are sleep and I can't walk!" I yell, struggling to stay up as I walk down the hallway.

"Okay here we go," Harry lifts me up and begins to run towards the elevator.

 We all hop in the car and take off to the hospital with the bodyguards behind us in another car. I hope Liam's okay. It's a good thing they're on a break for 3 weeks from the tour. I just hope he's not that hurt.

*at hospital*

"We're looking for..."

"Liam Payne? He's on Level 2, but he's not in his room yet," the nurse continues to stack folders together.

"How did you? Oh never mind," I laugh to myself forgetting that the boys were famous.

 We all take the elevator and head up to Liam's room. It stood quiet in the elevator as we went up to the level. I was the first to get out and reach Katie. I see her on the floor with her arms hugging her knees against her chest. Is she crying?

"Katie what happened?" I kneel next to her.

"It's all my fault!"

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused.

"This mess! It's all my fault Cat! If I didn't know about that abandoned museum he would of never got hurt in the first place," she starts to cry out loud.

 "Katie, we don't even know if he's hurt that bad. Maybe he just got a couple bruises and cuts. You never know." I could see Lily holding back tears as she tries to calm Katie. Lily's a tough person on the outside, but on the inside she's very sensitive for things.

"Katie, everything will be okay," Niall gives her a hug as we all do the same.

"I hope so," Katie murmurs.


  I quickly open my eyes and look around the room. No sign of nurses anywhere. I slowly raise my head off Harry's lap and begin to walk around the hallways.

"Need anything hun?" A nurse comes up to me.

"Liam Payne? What room is he in?"

"Oh! Room 34 you could go in when the doctors done in about 5 minutes."

"Thank you," I say, walking back towards everyone else.

"No problem hun."

 I walk over to Katie and lightly tap her shoulder. "Katie, wake up. We could go see him in a bit," I whisper, trying to not wake Niall, who is leaning on Katie's back as they support each other.

"Hm? Alright."

"Niall, wake up." I push him a bit, hoping he would wake up quickly.

*burps loud*

"Aw Niall! That's gross!" I plug my nose.

"Niall, seriously?" Louis yawns, stretching his arms out.

"Oops. Sorry Cat."

"Who's here to see uh...Liam Payne?" A young nurse looks over at us.

"We all are."

"Well, the room is ready so you can all go, but the doctor is still inside doing a check up."

 Katie quickly makes her way over to the room, leaving us behind still in the hallway. I look over at the others worried.

"Hi, just doing a check up on him," the doctor smiles at us as we come in.

"Is there anything wrong with him?" Katie asks, holding back her tears.

"Well, the fact that a ceiling fell on him and crushed him...not really much was damaged. Just some deep cuts and big bruises and a broken arm. He'll be alright. Just let me or a nurse know when he wakes up."

We all look at Katie, crying over Liam's chest. I walk over to her and give her a hug. "Just a broken bone Katie. It's not that bad," I say, giving a weak smile.

"I guess not," she sniffs.

We then see some men walk inside the room. Must be management. "All of you come out here," the tall one says calmly.

 We all walk out towards the hallway and stand there awkwardly for a minute. "You girls need to pack your bags and leave by tonight."

"What?" We all say shocked.

"You're causing trouble on the band and they're losing their careers because of you girls!"

"Whoa! Your actually blaming our friends? What the hell man! They didn't do shit!" Harry growls at them.

"Listen boys, you're losing your career because of them! What's your choice?"

"You're making us choose between our friends and career?!" Louis says.

"I need an answer now boys!" The man shouts.

"No," Louis says, giving them a stare.

"What did you say Louis?"

"You can't make us choose!"

"Oh yeah? We're calling the bodyguards to escort them out of here and the hotel!"

"I choose friends!" Niall says.

"Yeah!" Louis and Harry say.

"No, we're leaving guys it's fine. Your careers more important." Lily says, stepping away from Louis side over to us.

 I looked over at Lily, shocked. This is not like her because she would be fighting for us.

"You heard the girl. Take them back to the hotel and have them pack their stuff for the next flight back to L.A." He says, walking away.

"Lily, what did you just do?!"

"Look, what they don't know is that if we leave, gossip will go around about the boys leaving us and that will make their career worse." Now that's the Lily I know.

"Good thinking Lily!" Harry says.

 "Hey! If our friends leave, our career will get worse because people will think we left them. Half of us are their boyfriends. What will fans think of this? Huh?" Harry says, looking towards the guard with a phone.

They stood quiet not saying anything. They know that its going happen now that we said.

"Cancel the flight to L.A.," the man growls at the tall man, "this is not the end of it girls!" They all begin to walk away.

"Woohoo! It worked!" Lily jumps in the air.

"Guys! Liam is waking up!" Katie comes out and runs back in the room.

We all walk in and see Liam starting to open his eyes slowly.

"Liam! Thank god you're okay!" Katie hugs him.

 He looked confused as if he didn't know how to respond to her. He studies us all carefully making sure he didn't miss a single detail on us. "I don't want to sound rude here, but do I know you all?" Liam pushes away from Katie and looks up at us.

Oh. Shit.

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