The Raffle

Four teens are drawn from a raffle. The prize? An all expense paid trip to Jamaica. But what happens when the plane crashes and all four teens are left to fend for their own with nothing but what the island offers to survive on?


1. The Lucky Winners

(Ashley's P.O.V)

I stopped frozen at the keyboard, my finger hovering above the mouse. I was one click away from possibly winning a free trip to Jamaica. I had heard of this opportunity while watching TV with my little brother. Eyes plastered to the screen suddenly he jumped screeching for me to look at the commercial. On it was a beautiful, lush scenery and a gorgeous blue ocean in the background. A man's voice announced on the television, "Enter the raffle and win an all expense paid trip to Jamaica for one week! We'll be choosing four people from the ages of 15 to 17. If you're picked you'll also receive tickets to see Justin Bieber, One Direction, Selena Gomez, or Justin Timberlake live in concert while in Jamaica. So go on and enter and good luck to all!" Afterwards, the website you had to visit in order to apply popped up on the screen along with the people who sponsored the raffle. With that the commercial ended. I sat on the couch in awe. Immediately I went to the nearest computer and entered myself in. After all a girl needs some time to have fun. What with constantly babysitting my brother, school, and a job on top of that I needed some time to myself. This was the perfect way. Two weeks later here I am hesitant to find out the results. I decide to get it over with. 'Win or not I'll be mature about this.' I thought. The screen popped up and I scrolled to the list with the results.

1. Jacob Instern

2. Mariah Withers

3. Danny Carter

4. Ashley Pimbrook

"O-oh my God! I won!." I yelled. For once everything was working out exactly as I needed it to.

(Jacob's P.O.V)

I scrolled to the list of winners just in time to see my name first on the list. I was in shock. Never in a million years did I think that I could win something as huge as this. I heard about this through some friends at school. It was all anybody could talk about. Apparently the raffle was a big event at school. The principal's family owned the company that sponsored these raffles. If you were chosen and happened to be from Everson High School, which rarely happened, you were considered famous. I only knew of one other person that had won one of these raffles and went to Everson. He became the most popular kid in school. Who wouldn't want that? I signed up like everyone else the next day. Thinking back to that moment now I chuckle to myself silently. I knew that by tomorrow I'd be given a call and mailed a plane and concert ticket like the other three winners. I hopped out of bed to the phone where I hurriedly called all my friends to share the news.

(Mariah's P.O.V)

I screamed as loudly as humanly possible when I read the results of the raffle. I ran to my sister Megan's room to tell her what had happened. Banging the door open, I rushed to her bed where she sat quietly reading a book. She jumped, startled by my entrance. "Whoa! Everything alright?" She looked up at me from her book.

"Megan you will never believe what just happened to me!"

"Did you find the candy stash again?" Megan laughed. "I won the raffle!" I squealed. "What raffle?" Megan asked. "Remember two weeks ago when I told you about how there was a raffle and if you got picked you got to go see One Direction for free?"

"Um yea I think so. Don't tell me-"

"I won it!" This time I wasn't the only one excited. Megan jumped off her bed and embraced me with a hug. "No way! You have to bring me something back. Also if you meet Harry tell him to call me." Megan winked. I burst out laughing. I couldn't believe my luck.

(Danny's P.O.V)

I wasn't surprised to see my name in the result list. After all it should have been there after all the work my dad put in to make sure I won. He bribed the company with a large sum of money in exchange for me winning the raffle. Our family believes that winning is always first. The raffle was a way for me to get more noticed. I needed to win this. You see the concert was my golden ticket to a perfect life after high school. All I needed to do was sneak backstage and convince Selena Gomez to call my father. From there everything was smooth sailing. Proud of myself, I fell into bed quickly dozing off into a nice nap.



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