The Teen Idle Princess (Harry Styles and Marina & The Diamonds)

Marina Diamandis is 17 year old a princess that lives in Abergavenny in the UK, starts emailing a American 17 year old boy named Harry who lives in L.A.. Marina's dad is moving to L.A. and she has to leave her old princess life and become a "normal" girl. Marina starts going to Harry's school but no one knows that she's actually a princess and Harry has never seen her before. What will happen?



1. ♡ MOVING ♡

                                ♡ MARINA'S P.O.V ♡




                    I'm on my way to L.A.!





                      Really? I can't wait till you get here! You're gonna love it here! :D


     "Marina? Are you ready to go?" Oh no, my mother! I closed the lid of my laptop and packed it inside one of my bags and continued packing for L.A. 


"Marina?" My mother said coming into my room with her eyes looking tired and her light brown hair falling into curls. "Your father is here." I was moving to L.A. with my dad who the last time I saw him was when I was 3. Him and my mother weren't allowed to date because she was royalty and he was just a plain old normal boy; like Romeo and Juliet. She had me when she was 16 and my grandparents wanted my father dead. I'll get into that sorry later. But now I'm moving with my dad.


"I'm Ready mother." I say grabbing my bags and smiling. This was really hard to leave my mother be hide and not live without her anymore. I hug her once last time for what seemed like 2 hours. 


"I love you Marina." She said. "I love you too Mother." I walked down the stairs while saying goodbye to the maids, servants, and the royals pets. I made my way to the drive to see a black car that was waiting for me. The window of the car whined down to revival my father. "Hello Marina." 





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