One Last Goobye // One Direction One Shot

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1. One Last Goodbye

Cassie's POV

I walked over to Liam and sat down in the same chair that I had sat it every day for the last 10 years.

"Hello, Liam," I smiled at the sound of his name. I still get the chills just from thinking about him.

"How've you been?' I asked.  

Nothing. He said nothing. Like always.

I nodded, "Today was our anniversary. 72 years of marriage. People always ask me how I did it. How did you deal with Liam for that long? Didn't the fame and girls ever bother you? But the real question is, how did you do it? How did you deal with me for that long? Didn't my constant jealousy bother you?

Surprisingly enough, you put up with me, while I put up with you. For over 75 years. That's truly amazing. When the other boys were sick of my constant joking and pestering, you always laughed, which made them laugh. And when you couldn't make them laugh, Lou was always there to back us up.

Louis Tomlinson. That boy was such a joy to this Earth. He lit up even the darkest corners in the world with just as little as a shy grin. I miss him, his smile, his jokes, his laugh, his complaining of a balding head. After he and I became friends he always made me laugh. Even before that, when I was secret fan. Who would've ever thought he'd be the first of you boys to pass? I guess he was the oldest, but with his child like spirit, it was easily forgotten. He, as well as you and the other lads, were such a gift. You all made loving life so much easier."

I pulled a tissue out of my purse that was sitting on the ground next to me. I had been prepared for the tears today.

Liam remained silent, ever since his mute I've lost my spark. My sense of humor. My joy.

"Well Liam, it's been a long ride. But I've enjoyed every second of it. You always knew how to make me smile, even when I felt like I couldn't. We grew old together, found who we are together, adjusted into being together forever. And that's all I've ever wanted. I couldn't care less about your fame and money. This is really cliche for me, but you made me a better me. I could never thank you enough for that," I said quietly because I heard someone else nearby.

I opened my purse again to retrieve the family photo of my only child, Lacy, her husband, children, and grandchildren. I smiled before setting it down near Liam.

"We did a good job, ya know?" I beamed at the thought of our daughter. "She's amazing. And she did a great job with, Jamie and Addie, her 2 children. Addie just got married, hun. But I'm sure you knew that. Chris is an amazing lad. And Jamie's wife just gave birth to their first boy and Jamie is thrilled. Now they've got Jamie Jr., Caitlyn, and Arielle."

I buttoned my sweater as I felt a breeze before I continued talking to the love of my life.

"We're great-grandparents now, Li. Isn't that insane? It seems like just yesterday that you bought me the little plastic version of you. Or that you and Louis attacked me dressed as hobos. We really had some crazy times together, love. I really miss those days, but I'm thankful for every single day we got to have together between then and now," I tried to put a smile on my face through the tears.

"Niall's about to turn 95. It's crazy. I thought he'd never get grey hairs," I chuckled at the memory of the day Niall found his first grey hair. "He moved back to Ireland after Sam died. We talk on the phone every now and then. His time is coming too, which I can't even bare thinking about. His voice is the only thing keeping me sane and keeping the memories alive," I gently patted the tear that began to roll down my wrinkled cheek.

I continued, "The last time I saw him was at Harry's funeral, that you didn't get to attend. It was a hard day for a lot of people, as were the days that Louis and Zayn passed too. I remember sitting on a bench in the back of the funeral home for 3 hours, just hugging Niall. Holding him in my arms, we were both a pile of tears. We cried onto each others shoulders for that long, nobody daring to interrupt us, as they tried to understand the pain we were feeling. But they couldn't and they never would. Why? Because we had just lost yet another one of our closest friends. No one could understand it, except for the two of us," I sobbed at the memory. 

"Zayn was the second one to go. You, Niall, and I were actually having dinner together when Perrie called to tell us that Zayn was in the hospital for the last couple of days and wasn't getting better. We all left shortly after the call ended and headed to Bradford. When we arrived it was just minutes after he died. We were walking in as Niall noticed Perrie coming around the corner, tears streaming down her face. She shook her head and said, 'It's too late. He's gone.' And in that moment we all broke down. None of us expecting this to happen." I was running out of tissues. I have no idea why I'm telling Liam all of this. He knows, he was there. I guess, today just feels like a day for reflecting all that we've been through. 

"I grabbed Perrrie and hugged her as I kept repeatedly whispering,'I'm so sorry.' Harry showed up about half an hour later, and at the first sight of us crying he immediately began sobbing. Knowing what happened. Zayn's funeral was quiet, close friends and family only. Unlike Lou's. It was a day I'll never forget, on Zayn's first day in the hospital he knew what was coming. He left us all individual letters. And I'll never forget what I had felt when I read the last words Zayn had for me. Thank you for keeping the love in the band alive, as I felt it was fading before you came to us. Zayn always had a way with words, and even though I'll never fully understand what they meant, they will always mean something to me."

That letter is at mine and Liam's house, under our bed, in a shoebox, along with so many other memories I have from those 5 amazing boys.

"I guess it's time I talk about Lou, huh?" I questioned someone who couldn't reply.

"Well," I continued without a reply. "Lou's passing was probably the hardest, as he is the one who introduced me to the life I have now. You and I had just left Lacy's house. We were there for Jamie's 8th birthday. I was extremely happy because of how wonderful Lacy had been doing with him, teaching him how to be kind towards his 2 year old sister, Addie. We were quietly making small talk in the car on our way home. When your phone starting ringing and I grabbed it out of the cup holder. I glanced at the Caller ID 'Harry Styles'. I furrowed my eyebrows, I didn't know why he was calling. Of course, we were all still friends we just didn't talk as much.

'Hello?' I answered. I heard Harry's familiar sobs on the other end. 'Harry? What's wrong?'

'C-c-cass,' he stuttered. 'It's Lou. You n-need to get down here. N-now.'

'What? Where?'

'The hospital,' he replied quickly. I nudged you and told you to go to the hospital. You shot me a questioning look and I shrugged.

'Harry, what's going on?' I questioned the crying man on the other end on the phone.

'L-l-l-louis h-had a.. h-h-heart at-t-t-tack.' Tears began rolling down my cheeks.

'Okay, Haz. Tell him we're on our way. Hang in there,' I said and hung up." I choked up. This was the first time I had to repeat this story.

"We arrived about the same time that Zayn and Perrie did. Zayn's eyes were bloodshot from the obvious crying. I hugged them both as we proceeded to Lou's room. We walked in to see Eleanor and Harry on either side of Lou, holding his hands and crying. His eyes were closed and he was pale, connected to more machines and monitors than I could count. Tears spilled down my face at the sight of my best friend. 'Where's Niall?' you questioned. 'Getting on a flight, he won't be here for a few hour,' El replied, never taking her eyes off of Louis. I ran to Harry's side and hugged him gently before telling him that everything would be okay. Lou slept for quite a while, until about 3 hours after Niall arrived. When he finally woke up, his first words were 'You're all here.' We all nodded and he said he was going to die. Yeah, that's Louis. Being very straight forward about what was happening. Everyone denied his statement. For 16 hours straight, none of us slept. We sat there, like old times. We told jokes and shared memories. It was probably one of the best nights of my life. Until we fell asleep at about 4 am and I was awoken by Eleanor's crying and the sound of a flat line. Louis was gone," I told Liam in very clear details of what happened that night. But it was hard for me, I was crushed. Reliving it wasn't doing anything but making me feel the pain of losing my best friend all over again.

"His funeral was hard for all of us because he was the first one we lost. Before he died he told us to have an open, public funeral. He said that since he was old there weren't very many fans left anyways. Lou told us that if there were any fans left, that he felt they were important enough to be there. We respected that and did as he said. A ton of people came, most of them middle aged women. They cried, which was surprising to me. Fans who had grown up and had kids, moved on with their lives, were still fans. They still cared. It was amazing," I smiled remembering all of the supportive people that showed up.

Now that Louis, Zayn, and Harry were all gone I felt so alone.

And suddenly I missed Niall and his presence.

"Niall better hold on for as long as possible, which I know is hard for him. But it's hard for me to even think of the world without at least one of One Direction's voices. Lacy always teases me when I bring up the band. It was so long ago, yes. But it played such a big part in our lives. It brought some of the best things to me. Lifelong friends, an opportunity to travel the world, our daughter. And you."

I wiped the last of my tears away, "Until tomorrow, love. I'll be back."

I stood up, collecting the tissues and the family photo and stuffed them into my purse.

"Goodbye, Liam. I love you so much." And I walked away from my husband's grave and out of the cemetery.

I took my last breath that night.


I hope this isn't confusing. Lol, but if it is feel free to comment below and ask anything(:

This is something I entered into a contest on Wattpad, and it got great feedback. So I thought I'd share it here too. (: 

xx. Alyssa

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