The Contest That Brought Them Together

Nina is 17 and her and her friend won a contest what hapens when one of the boys fals for her Read To Find Out HeHeHe:)


1. the notebook


           "OMG!", I cant believe that we won "yaayy!". My friend and I are going so crazy right now because we won the One Direction sweep stakes and that means we get to spend 1 week with the boys from One Direction. Harry's my favorite and Niall is my friends favorite we loved One Direction so much we loved every one of there songs and every one of them.Now we get to spend 1 week with them I thought it was a dream so i told my friend to pitch me and it was real. So the next day a van pulled into the driveway "knock knock" my friend and I go answer the door there were 7 people 4 British boys 1 Irish and 2 bodyguards it was Harry, Niall , Zayn , Liam and Louis. So we gasp and my mm asks whos at the door so i run into were she was and dragged her to the door. She introduced herself to the boys I told her to invite them in so she did. Next thing I know One Direction was in my house on my couch.


         My friend and I were up in my room finishing up packing. We heard some people coming up the stares then my door opens and Harry and Niall are in the doorway and they say "Hi ladies" so we  blush. Then Niall hears my mom say sandwiches are ready and races downstairs then my friend has to use the restroom so its just me and Harry I tell him he can sit down. He sat down at the end of my bed   and I get distracted and start singing over again Harry's part to. So Harry says "you have a lovely voice"oooh sorry I sing when I never mind" when you what"I sing when i'm nerves" so that conversation just floats off and i finish packing and grab my special bag and my suitcase and head for the door not remembering harry was there.I dropped my bag and everything feel out I bend down to pick up my stuff and Harry also helps he picks up my notebook and he looks in it and sees drawings in it the ones of all the boys and on Harry's drawing it says "I love him for him and all his flaws not because his famous and i'm not like those girls who loves him for his looks ,money or fame". He looks up at me and says really with a tear triyeing to break out  




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