Draw Sweet Waters

The journey of an individual who loses his bearings seeking reason and purpose. Upon arrival at a well station, a host serves him sweet waters to rejuvanate him to find his way.
For the 24 hour poetry competition.


2. Draw Sweet Waters

He walks up to the well station beat up and beaten

With jeans dragging in the mud

Like a stray dog bleeding


This wells deeper than an ocean

Steeper and is sloping


Over here we draw sweet waters

When the fields are drought and the world is thirsty

We knock down all the waters


I'll help you leave the troubles behind

To feed your desires, Im inclined

Grab hold of my cup,

Lay down your body and kick off your shoes


Cherish the sweet time together

You are what is on my mind


The service from the heart

Is much more soothing to the mouth

We'll get you traveling on your way


Step up to the wishing well

Draw sweet waters

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