the little animals

this is a story about talking animals, but this is more about a cat finding her true love by the help of her friend birdy. there are many different animals in this cute romantic story, I hope you will enjoy it :3


1. Little Kitty & Little Birdy

       It was an ice cold morning and I was curled up in my blanket. Then all of the sudden I feel a shove and I fall off the bed screaming. Birdy, my friend is hovering in the air

'' Get up, you lazy cat its time to go to the mall! It's all ready 12:00.'' she said angrily as her pale pink feathers puffed up.

'' I'm sorry '' I said while yawning. I got up and Birdy sneezed

''God I hate your basement! " she said while flying quickly upstairs. I follow behind her.

I enter my room quickly. I clean my black fur and get ready. Birdy fluffs up her feathers and we both run to the car.

We arrived at the mall and walked into a store. '' Wow look at this beautiful cat bell.'' I said looking at it as my green eyes sparkle at the golden cat bell.

"Hey kitty look at theses ear rings.'' Birdy says as she holds them up with her wings.

''But Birdy you don't have ears '' I said laughing lightly. She pouts

''Oh yeah '' Birdy looked up from them sadly and gasped. I look at her confused.

''What's wrong ?" I said confused. Then Birdy grabs me and hides under a desk. ''Shhhhh...............look those are my friends.'' she said pointing at a penguin, a rabbit, and a moose. The penguin was wearing thick, oversized, black glasses and a grey slouch beanie and he had a tattoo on his arm. He had a nose ring, snake bites, and small gages.

The rabbit's fur was neon pink (obliviously dyed). She was weighed down with gawky, tacky, brightly colored accessories. She looked like she was straight out of the eighties.

The moose was wearing a red flannel shirt tucked into his worn out jeans, work boots, dog tags, and a denim jacket.


 I stare at the moose and I blush slightly as she tells me stories of her friends.

"Oh my god! No way!'' Birdy shouted. I look at her quickly.

'' W-what?'' I stuttered.

'' You so like moose!" Birdy said loudly. I quickly cover her beak with my paw and run out of the store with her.

We hide in the bath rooms and I look at birdy .

''I don't like him! '' I said angrily but I'm lying because I don't want her to know. I quickly walk out of the bath room with and my ears go down, thinking I would never have a chance with a nice guy like him. Birdy follows and perches on my head then says

''Where ya going kitty?"

" I have to go home I'll see you tomorrow.'' I nudge her off my head and walk off. Birdy stands on the floor and waves goodbye.

''Aww ok see you later." Birdy says sadly then flies away.

That night I lay on my bed thinking about him and I blush lightly as I toss and turn trying to sleep. I don't think I'm ever goanna fall asleep........

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