My Love From the Water

A poem for the National Poetry Day Competition - hopefully the layout I put it in works...
I've added a video of one of my favourite songs that fits the theme of water - It's a sad song but so meaningful. I do not own the video.


1. My Love From the Water



gleamed as

I waded in waist-

deep, so cold; so inviting.

The sea, full of mystery, as the

waves pull my feet from its safe bed.

I wash in its  tranquility; wash away all

the pain I’d  been fighting.  The shock of

my head under, I will go where I’m being led.

But then you took the stones from my pockets

and taught me how to float. You were the changing

tide in my life, a breath of sea air to my chest. You took

my body,  empty along the current,  aboard your  boat;

Showing me there is still something in this world that’s

pure and so blessed. The water I had once seen as an

escape was now my saviour, your home. I followed your

rushing river as you chase freedom, wrestling the

flow. We dance in moonlight fractured under the

surface, rampant as we roam; Untouched by

reality’s rain and storms as

I bathe in your glow.


I feel so alive since you brought me back when I was close to the end;

You saved me with a soul so beautiful only angels could send.

My love from the water.


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