A Lost Song

The beginning of the very long journey of 150 years, starts with a tragic loss. (Alicia is said "Alisha")


1. Another Attempt

The Doctor rocked little Alicia up and down in his arms.

"Sssh, it's okay. Dada's here. Sssssh. You're okay."

Alicia was yet again crying after another fruitless attempt at being kidnapped. A very tall man, wearing a white suit had popped out of nowhere in Alicia's cot-room. He had said no words, but with a gesture at Alicia she had popped (just like he did) into his hands. The Doctor had only just managed to Sonic him in time for his 'apparition' to go wrong, and appear a few metres away and into the cot himself. This had both broken the cot and startled Alicia, as she was pulled from the concussed man's arm and into the Doctor's. The recognition of the fact that the man who was holding her was not her father had started her whimpering anyway.

"Alicia, I'm here. He can't take you. I won't let him. It's okay. Shh, shhh. I love you, Alicia." She had stopped crying now, as the Doctor sonicked the man away, whispering to him that if he ever touched his daughter again, he wouldn't see another day.

The dilemma at hand was that as soon as Alicia Melody Song was born, the whole of the Universe had no clue. No clue at all. Not even Strax, or Jenny, nor even Madame Vastra. This was because River had firmly decided that she would be kept secret until a sensible age to start 'running'. The Doctor had perfectly understood, it wasn't as if he had wanted a massive party (of which it would have been if he had wanted one). But then somehow, the information leaked. The only place it could have leaked from was the place Alicia was born; The Stormcage Hospitalization Facility. This was where the records were kept. River was still a known murderer, and the Doctor was 'dead'. The only place Alicia could go, was an Alien Adoption House far, far away on a different planet, in a different Galaxy. This had brought attention. Alicia had, of course, been tested as a child. And when proven to be Half-Gallifreyan, an Alien that could regenerate when killed, could heal you of your maladies, and live for hundreds of thousands of years, she was wanted. Not to mention the whole problem of being The Doctor's daughter. So Alicia, at the age of 4 months old (after a very tricky task of stealing her back) was already nearly as wanted as the Doctor himself.

It had been the 3rd attempted kidnapping that week.

"I'm just going to have to hold you all the time." He sighed, looking at the cot. Luckily he had been cleaning his cot (the ancient artifact of Gallifreyan life) and was using River's old one that Amy had bought in the intention of using it for River, but when River announced her pregnancy, it had been given to the Doctor.

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