No One Can Know (On Hold)

Kristi lives with her older brother and father in a big castle on a mountain. Her father is a strong vampire that only wants power and to keep his family safe. Kristi on the other hand want to live her life like a normal girl, and in school no one knows who her family is or what they are. But how long can she keep that a secret?.


1. Chapter 1

I wanted to write a hole new story so I hope you will like it! :). This chapter won't be so long cause I won't your opinion about it before I write a long chapter. Of course so is the first chapter always a little "not excited or interesting" but I hope you wants some more after you have read it anyway! :)


Xoxo BraveJ :)



The warm blood, the taste of it. I cant get enough of it, I want more. I need more. The human fell to the ground with no blood left in its body. I ran in the forest and attacked another one, it screamed and tried to fight back. I stuck my fangs in its neck and just in a few minutes it was like a ragdoll, fell to the ground. 


I woke up in my room, it was morning already. That was a dream?, it felt so real.. I looked at my hands, they were red. Is it blood?, it was real?. I jumped up from bed and ran downstairs. My brother Zac was still in bed and my father was in the basement, that's where he usually hides in the mornings. He don't have a sun bracelet like me and Zac, he didn't want one. Maybe that's for the best. 

"Morning Kristi", our butler Hank have been loyal to our family for thousand of years. 

"Morning Hank", I said quickly and hide my hands behind my back.

"Maybe you should wash your hands before school?", he smirked at me and went to the kitchen.

You can never fool Hank, that's what I love about him and hate about him.

I want to the basement where my father was sitting on a chair looking at the wall in front of him. "Father?"

"Kristi h... Your eyes Kristi", he looked at me with his dark eyes. 

"I know it happend again I can't control it!"

"your not supposed to my pumpkin, your a vampire it's in our nature"

I took a deep breath and tried to control my feelings. "Please say that my red eyes are going away soon?", I said. 

"You must have had a lot to eat, I'm so jealous". "DAD!", I screamed. Usually I don't call him dad, only father. "How can I make sure not to expose us when I have red eyes and drinking blood at night!". "Try harder, if it doesn't work no school and we will move", he explained. 

"But Zac have almost exposed us twice and I was the one that had to cover for him". 

I could see the anger in my fathers eyes, his long finger nails scratching on his chair. leaving marks on it.

"Both of you need to be careful!, one little mistake and I will personally take your sun protected bracelet thing and destroy it forever!"

I didn't know if I was scared or frustrated. I walked upstairs again and saw Zac sitting at the table with Hank by his side. 

"Hey Sis nice eyes and hands"

I couldn't look at him, I walked to the bathroom to wash the blood away. In the mirror I saw red eyes, those red eyes. I kinda like them, but they are really hard to live with. 

"School time Sissy", Zac walked by with his backpack. 

I took my black backpack that was laying on the floor outside the bathroom and went out with Zac.  "How will we get to school?, you burned your engine". 

"Take it easy, Hank fixed it", Zac started the car. I took a sit beside him and we drove away. 


"What is it?, your eyes is fine now if that's what you are freaking out about"

I totally forgot that I had blood on my shirt from last night, "do you have a sweater with you?" 

"Yeah in my backpack", he answered. 

I opened the bag and found his black hoodie, I put on me and throw the backpack on the back seat. "Hey I didn't say you could have it!", he shouted while he was driving to the school parking lot. 

"It's either that or get a vampire sign on our face", I shouted back. 

"Fine, only cause we need to protect each other". I nodded while he was parking the car. 

Beside us stood Sarah with her car and boyfriend. "Now I know why you are so pale Kristi", she said and laughed. 

She had a point, it was a sunny day and I had a black hoodie on me. But what ever, if she only knew what I could do to her. She would run for her life and never come back.


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