Brooke's Pond

This is a poem that I turned into a song
For the poetry day competition


1. Brooke's Pond

Just another lonely house
Another girl no friends about
She'd sit upon her window sill
Never go out, never had the will.
Her legs were broken like a china doll's
so upon her bed she'd lay
She never asked for anything
until the week before her sixteenth birthday.

All she ever wanted was a pond,
That glistened and gleamed in the sun. 

With water clear and blue
Fish in it too
And the paddles on a windmill spinning round.

Her parents kept it secret,
Didn't tell a soul,
They did everything themselves,
Even dug the hole.
The rain, pure and clear,
Fell from the heavens just for her.
Because even in those dark times, the angels would sing,
To bring her hope for the pain she'd endure.

Her birthday came, early spring
With clean air that the rain did bring.
The damp grass dressed in morning dew,
She inhaled, exhaled, it was nearly time she knew.
Her parents came up to her room,
Her pond was ready, in full bloom. 
But as they opened the door, their smiles fell away,
For on the bed, so still she lay.

The water bubbled 
Like her laughter used to do
The colour, like her eyes,
A dark sea blue.

It's still there today, 
The thing she'd wanted for so long,
The rock the windmill sits upon,
The fish still swim, the water glistening under the sun.
Still there in her memory, a sacred bond,
Her name was Brooke and this is her pond.


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