Sometimes things aren't quite what you'd expect..


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Liam pushed his key into the lock and turned it clockwise. After a quick glance behind, and around him he stepped inside his house, feeling a lot safer.

Everyone knew there were vampires, some were cunning and fooled you with their normal disguises, others, well there’s no need to explain that...

A lot of the people who came and went were oblivious to the horrors that went on behind the scenes. Ignorant to the dangers that they had thrown themselves into as soon as they entered the small town.

It was as if they had their own royal family, and the royals were the fanged type.

And to them, us, humans, were simply disposable, like goldfish, but more delicious.

If you told anyone this, they would never believe you. If you told yourself this, maybe even you wouldn’t believe you. Who knows? It is pretty unbelievable.

If only the town were normal, but honestly, with Zayn in charge of it, it wouldn’t happen in a million years.

Which brings me onto the story of Zayn...

Though not the oldest vampire, Zayn was definitely the most powerful. He was strong, even for a bloodsucker. He was strict. But most importantly, he was irresistible.

Lulling his family into a false sense of security, only to splash their faces with holy water and send a stake through their hearts.

He always did the dirty work, never trusting of anyone to keep his standards high.

And although he wasn’t afraid to dive into the heart of a fight, he preferred to walk around with the women.

Two females so strikingly beautiful that they fooled all of their opponents. With their weak act, they tricked their challengers before attacking them, staking them before they had a chance to notice they’d even moved.

Liam mulled over this as he opened up his new copy of the Rechvelle Star.

Nothing but the normal, completely clean, town news, and of course the advertisements to give blood to the donation centre.

The teenager let out a deep chuckle before taking the stake out of his bag and placing it on the shelf, next to his trusty bible. Too bad no vamps had tried to attack him today, he wanted to test out the new stake.

Kicking off his shoes, he sat back on his soft armchair and switched on the TV.

He sat there watching the small TV set before he heard a sharp knock on the door. As he got up he tucked his stake in the back pocket of his trousers and opened the door.

‘Master Zayn wishes to see you.’ He heard one of the women say softly, he nodded before asking if he could get ready before he followed her to the palace. She gave him a swift nod and he grabbed his bag, stuffing the bible in and moving the stake to in there. He then slipped on some more formal shoes and a smart jacket.

He rejoined the woman at the door and she proceeded to lead him to the sleek black limousine, waiting for him patiently.

The woman politely opened the door for him, but Liam waved her in as he held the door before he got in herself.

Shutting the door behind them, they started to move.

‘May I ask your name?’ He politely asked the woman.

He knew it could do no harm, if she was planning on killing him she would’ve done it already, clearly they wanted him alive.

‘I am Mirea.’ She gave him what he presumed to be a small smile and he nodded.

They arrived at the palace and Liam could safely say he had never visited it before.

Which was certainly a good thing as not many humans left the palace alive.

Mirea guided him up the steps and through to the throne room, where Zayn was perched on a golden seat, looking rather amused, in his black biker jacket and ripped skinny jeans.

His olive skin glinted as the gold reflected up onto his face.


‘Hello Liam.’ He chuckled as he looked into the eyes of his step brother.

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