What Is Love: Love Is Water (Book 1)

This is my entry for the one day (actually 40 hours) poetry contest. (The sequel is out now! Entitles What Is Love: Love Is Paper (Book 2) ) I hope you enjoy it and please leave feedback so I can improve my writing! Also, can you check out my poem: Johnny Cahooter Computer Rebooter. It took me a week and I'm really proud of it. :)


1. Love Is Water

To understand what I'm feeling, 

There must be sign. 

One that will remain ,

Throughout all of time.


Something everlasting,

Something you can’t copy,

Something you can't hate.

A unique symbol of love,

That you can never replicate.

Birds fly in and out of season,

Their freedom is evident.

But they don't seem loyal to anyone.

Love is loyal, forever.

A bird won't do for me.

Would a fruit do the trick?

How about an apple,

The symbol of ecstasy,

Fertility and abundance.

As well as love.


It does seem sweet,

But too sweet.

Or perhaps not sweet enough?

Is love something you can consume,

Something that goes after one sweet bite?

I won’t believe this.


Could a music instrument do,

A harp perhaps?

The notes finely struck,

To fill our ears,

With such sounds that make us feel elated.


Is love something we can hear,


And store away in our brain.

And recognise at a later time?

Without my ears,

I hope I can still feel love.

How about the cliché,

Surrounding the rose.

Forever associated with love,

Purity and romance.


It does look beautiful, 

And stirs our heart.

But what happens,

When it wilts away?

Sad and dying.

A symbol of love, 

Should not be affected by time.

Is love to be represented,

By a mythological being,

Like Cupid or Eros?

A being made by man, 

To explain the existence of love. 


Is love so rare,

That it is portrayed as a myth?

This cannot be true,

Because it is love that I feel now.

There is only one thing,

That I can use as symbol of love.

Something everlasting,

Something loyal.


Something we can hear always,

See always.

Something that has been, 

And will forever be.

Water represents what I feel to be love.

It is rough,

It is calm.

It is hot, 

It is cold.


We feel it,

See it,

Hear it

And consume it.


Without water we are nothing.

Without love we are worthless.


You are my wave of water.

You clean me,

Refresh me,

Surround me, 

And keep me alive.


I can see you, 

Feel you,

Hear you.


And as long as we are forever,

This wave will be forever.

Thank you for keeping me afloat.

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