From yours forever to the lightening bolt


1. Chapter One

It was a cold night but the camp fire kept me warm, it was another weekend at the hostel. but this time we all decided to do something different out of boredom. He sat right by my side, Rohan, Rohan Sharma. You still haven't told me how you know Vedant by the way, and that too so well, He asked me again, it was a question I'd been dodging for a week now, but Rohan was never the kind to give up after all! He looked at me, right into my eyes trying to read what was going through me,It had been a year since I'd left school, more than that in fact. And with time all the memories faded away, before the memories the pain was gone, but ever since the memories were hard to fight, I'd never let any boy come too close, I'd fought myself away, every time , I was scared too scared, but it was different with Rohan. We both knew we weren't just friends, so did everyone else, all we had to do was confess. But tonight I saw something I'd never seen in his eyes before. Jealousy? Anger maybe, or maybe it was just desperation, desperation to know the reason for the way I was..... I looked back at him, I'd got used to concealing the pain  before it faded away, and I smiled, its one long story I said.  

I still remember the first time I met him. A sweet looking fair guy, with bright brown eyes, curly hair  and a sweet smile. It was during the board decoration competition at school. I was the house vice captain, as usual running around trying to stop other people from wasting precious time. People just like Vedant, Shekars best friend Vedant. To be honest, with all my heart and soul I hated Vedant. All his extra smart comments and the way he went flirting around with every girl he saw just disgusted me. While I was busy yelling at Vedant as usual, Shekhar walked out with that huge grin of his and no one could ever guess the role Shekhar had in my future... 

And after three whole periods of struggling and yelling and running around our house display board was finally complete. Complete and messed up. With a map of our state right in the between, bordered with golden board pins. The moment it was complete I knew it was as ugly as it could get. The only person  to blame? Vedant !

After a hard day of listening to how the teachers were disappointed with me  I saw Vedant again while going back from school and he told me what I already knew "our house came last" he said with a sadist smile, and just as I was walking off I heard someone call my name from behind as I turned back I realized it was Shekhar "which house are you in ?" he asked . Yes, I did answer to that question 

But the amusing part ? It was Thursday that day. Thursday, the day we wear our P.T uniforms which include different colours for the different houses.

That day I didn't even know Shekhar existed. I didn't know his name his class nothing . All I knew was that he was Vedants best friend and that day would've probably been the first and last time I'd spoken to him. 

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