A text.

When a normal girl from Birmingham, receives a text from a unknown person, it probably would change her life forever.


1. •Prologue•

Paige's POV~

" come on, Paige! We got to get going!" Marie yelled grabbing me violently by my arm as I was applying eyeliner. 
"OH MY GOD ! MARIE!" I yelled, looking into the mirror once I broke free from her grasp. And what I saw. Wasn't pretty. The eyeliner pen has dragged across my face, I turned around and gave Marie a "look what you did" look. She busted out laughing .
i rolled my eyes and began wiping them away with the wet wipes. And applied the eyeliner back in less than 2 minutes. 

You'd be like 2 damn minutes to wipe them away then apply them back on, let me tell you. IT AINT EASY. 

" we're here oh my goooood! " Marie screamed as we arrived at the CD store at the mall . 
" Marie, it's just a signing." I replied totally uninterested. I mean come on it's just Connor Maynard. " I going to buy some food or do something, call me when your done" I said walking out of the CD store before Marie could protest. 

Marie is just those kind of girl who would obsess over anyone famous that comes here, which is quite often. But you get used to it.

I walked into forever 21, and bought some clothes and  a few accessories.  By the time I was done shopping in Forever 21, Marie wasn't done yet, there was at least 20 more people in front of her. I texted her back that I would be at the food court stuffing my face. She replied 'ok, I'll meet you there when I'm finished' 
I sighed and slip my phone back into my front pockets, and slowly walk to the food court, ordering whatever it has to offer. 

**** Later **** 

I pulled up at my house, and got out. I grabbed the bags from the back seat, and walked over to my front door, I quickly unlocked it, and went in.
"oh, hey Hun. Your home already?" My mum said as she was walking down the stairs. 
"Yeah, mum, just got back from the mall with Marie" I said walking up to her and pecking her cheek. 
" what did you guys do? Was there another celeb doing a signing? " mum asked as she started walking towards the kitchen. 
"Yeah, it was Conor Maynard" I yelled over my shoulders, walking into my room unpacking the stuffs i bought. As I was almost done unpacking the clothes, my phone beeped or binged. Haha. I d k. 
I grabbed the phone from my bed as i threw it there earlier. 
I saw a message from an unknown email. 
I unlocked my phone and the message said 
" mate, where r u? " 



should I reply or not? 


give me your feedbacks! Should I continue or not? -meii xx

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