National Poetry Day competition

National Poetry Day


1. Inspired by ...

I flow so quickly and efficiently

I have no pigment in me

However, most people will say that I am blue

I can change from any temperature that suits you

I can be sparkling, I can be still, but I am shapeless, I’m a bit luminous

I am also able to transform from a liquid to a solid; I am refreshing I am not spurious

 I am tasteless you could say I am boring but yet we both know you cant live without me

Everybody and the environment needs me.


In spring I help the plants grow,

I make you happy in the summer

In autumn I make you clean when you’re dirty

In winter I look different


If I evaporate you all perish

You see the amount of power i have.  Take this moment to cherish


We have been through a lot together.

Remember the time when you was dehydrated and i came along and saved you.

I quenched your thirst

I have many duties and looking after you is my main role.


What am I ?


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