Just one stupid dare

Ashley Mahone is a very pretty girl she is Austin mahone's sister .Austin will always ask Justin to hang out with him.Just one dare could change her and his life.Find out more what will happen.


4. The date

Madison's POV:

When we went down Austin's jaw drop and "baby you look  so beautiful"he whisper seductively and i fell chill down my back and "thank you babe,by the way you look hot"i said then Ashley said "you guys should go now"

Ashley's POV:

"yeah you should so i can hang out with my babe right here"Justin said while putting his arm around my waist i jumped a little "what the hell who's your babe but yeah i have nothing else to do so i'm hanging out with you"I said smacking his hand to make him take his hand of my waist.Then Austin come and peck my cheek lightly [in a brotherly way] and "I will be back around  12 am so don't wait up,love you sissy"he said grabbing Madi's hand and walk out to the door."okay what movie do you wanna watch"I ask Justin "what do you have?" "its in the shelf just have a look and i will get the pop cor,okay?""okay"Justin replied I walk to the kitchen and start putting the pop corn in the microwave after it finish i walk back in the living room and "what movie did you pick" "the newest chucky" Shit a fucking scary movie I have never had liked a scary movie.I acted cool and sit on the other end of the same couch as Justin.

45 minute later 

Justin's POV:

"hey if your scared you can come and sit next to me ya know i wouldn't bite"I said with a smirk and she come and sit next to me another scary scene comes and she was hiding her head in my chest and both of her hand grabbing on my shirt then i put my arm around her waist.Then she looked up and smiles so i smiles back and started to lean in and she also lean in when our lips brush lightly [touch a little] then her phone vibrate.Then she unlock her phone and smile then i look on her screen it was from Cody saying her babe you free tomorrow? [sorry i forgot to tell you guys that Ashley have a boyfriend Cody Simpson they have been dating for almost a year]I could feel anger build in me.

Ashley's POV: 

I smile when Cody text me and ask me if i was free tomorrow and i quickly replied yes. Then a few minute later he replied "at the park at 11 am,okay?" "yea okay"i replied and talked to him for a few minute and he said bye so"hey Justin I'm going to bed now,good night" "alright good night babe" Justin said "ahh when are you going to stop calling me babe even though I'm not your babe"I was a  little piss "yea sure soon you will be my babe" he replied "Whatever" and i walked up to my room and change into my sleeping short [short short, like under bud] and my over sized sweater and brush my teeth and went under the bed cover and start think about me and Justin nearly kissed and what will Cody wanted.










you might wander when Ashely and Austin's parent are they are at london for some business trip.















soory that i havent update for a week i guess i was sick and there was a lot of homework.I will update again in 2 days or maybe tomorrow.





























<3 stay beautiful <3

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