Mr. Horan

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10. Is this the end of us?

Summer's point of view. 

that was a close one, i didn't want Mr. Carter thinking that there was something really going on, even though there is. when i told Mr. Carter that Niall and I aren't dating he looked really sad,happy, and angry, but why?


Niall's Pov

I am so emotional right now. I am Sad that she said we aren't dating but happy to keep my job and not go to jail, and lastly i am mad. not at her but at Miss. Jackson. 

No One's POV 

Summer: Niall, are you mad at me?

Niall: No baby, i am happy but sad that you didnt tell him i know you were protecting me and i am grateful for that and that i get to keep my job so i can see you everyday and not be in jail right about now!

Summer: she should learn how to stay outta people's businesses.

Niall: im going to have a talk with Miss. Jackson. 

After that.

there was a new teacher that was coming today and she's about Niall's age and way prettier than me. when i was going to lunch i saw Niall and her talking, now i dont even know her name and it's pissing me off because she is flirting with him and as soon as a passed them they started kissing. I started to tear up and I thought

Is This The End Of Us? 


Hey guys, sorry i haven't been updating ive been really busy. i hope you liked this chapter. 

i will update ASAP.

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