Beside You

Flashback: Roan's POV.
"So this is it I guess." I said to Calum as he stood in front of me in the airport.
"I guess so." He looked down and intertwined our fingers. He had his bags next to him and his plane ticket in the other hand.
"Calum come on!" Ashton yelled to him.
"Remember me on tour." I said, a tear rolling down my cheek.
"Don't forget me in your heart." He said, placing his hand over the skin above my heart.
"I won't, as long as you don't leave." I said through tears. "Don't ever leave." He pulled me into a hug. I lightly sobbed into his chest.
"I gotta go babe. I love you." He released me and started to walk away.
"Love you too." I smiled. He walked over to where the rest of the boys were.
"I promise that I'll come home soon!" He yelled as he walked through the doors. I stood there crying.
He'll be home soon, he promised.


1. One More Month

Calum's POV. 

   I sat in the dressing room after the show. We had just played IZod Center. 

   I picked up my phone and went onto twitter. 

   'Amazing show tonight. Thanks to everyone that came:)' I tweeted. After I scrolled down my twitter pheed for a minute, I checked my texts. All five of them were from Roan, my girlfriend. We've been dating for two years, I left her nine months ago, and haven't seen her since. Before I left, we made a pact that we'd text every single day. That's exactly what we've been doing.

   'Hey babe, how's your day going?" She texted me. I typed in my phone. 

   Me: great and you

   Roan: perfect now that I'm talking to you :)

   Me: awe babe I miss you :(

   Roan: miss you too :( but you'll be home soon :) you promised 

   Me: that's right :) I will be

   Roan: one more month babe :)

   Me: one more month :)

   We texted for about another hour until she had to go to swim practice. After that, she texted me saying goodnight and went to bed. 

   Only one more month.

Roan's POV. 

   I shuffled in my bed before deciding that I couldn't sleep once again. 

   I haven't slept in the past week. Just thinking about Calum made me want to cry.

   "Ro." My mom came into my room. I shuffled in my bed to face her. "It's late. Dad and I are going to bed. Can't you atleast try to sleep tonight?" She came over and sat on the edge of my bed. 

   "Mom, I miss them. I miss all of them. Ashton, Luke, Michael, and especially Calum are a part of me." I say up in my bed. My mom put her hand on my knee sympathetically.

   "Okay sweetie. I'll see you tomorrow." She kissed my forehead and walked out of my room. 

   As soon as I started to close my eyes, my phone buzzed. It was from Calum. 

   'I wish I was beside you:)' the text read. 

   I smiled, typing in 'I love you' and sending it to him. I smiled to myself knowing I'd be able to say that to him in a month. 

   One more month.  



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