Love Scared Straight

Ann greenfield is an ordinary 17 year old. She loves pizza, hanging with her best friend Natalia and she LOVES One Direction. When her and Natalia enter a contest to meet 1D, they are overly-excited when they win. Ann finds love within this contest. But love has its dangers. See what happens when Ann and one of the boys fall in love with each other? Find out in Love Scared Straight. :)


1. Prolong

As I walked out of the bathroom, I heard a yelp cut off bye a "one more word out off your mouth, this knife go's I'm your throat. Alright?! We deserve famous boyfriends, not that SLUT!!!!" A squeaky voice said, fans are trying to get Perrie, I thought. Yes Perrie Edwards is upstairs, in my rented flat. Why are there 2 girls upstairs? Because I'm dating the one and only Niall Horan. How did this happen? Why is Perrie Edwards about to be stabbed? Let me sart from the beginning.  








Hello my lite weaders!! That's my name for you!! Hope you like my first movella and first chapter!!  Like, comment and favorite!!!

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