Bye My Song

The Doctor and River Song, who have a daughter called Alicia, get into trouble in Manhatten when re-paying their respects to the Ponds.


1. In Mahatten

River could only stand next to him, supporting him, tapping him on the back. She could cry if she wanted to, but that wouldn't help him. It was all she really wanted to do.
"No! Why!" was all the Doctor could say to the Gravestone bearing the inscription:

Alicia Melody Song,

The beloved daughter of Dr and River Song.

Next to the older gravestones of her grandparents.
"River! What do we-? I don't-" He couldn't finish any of his sentences, which told River she needed to take him into the TARDIS.
"come on, we'll talk in the TAR-"
"How can you just-? Our daughter!" He yelled. River started to tug him away from where the danger could still attack. He resigned and let her pull him away from where the Doctor's life had been shattered three times.

River locked the door and started up the TARDIS engine and as soon as they were in Space, River stood in front of the Doctor, who sat on the armchair Alicia had always pushed him out of to sit down. He looked like he was now in shock.
"There isn't any way to bring her back. We know this from my parents." said River, feeling pressured to say something, to console her husband but she knew she wasn't doing a good job.

The Doctor looked like he was about to break down into tears, his face was blotchy, his eyes were watery and he persistently ringed his hands.
"I know that! Of course I know that! If there was a way, I would be doing everything I could to get them back!" He raged. This was how the Doctor coped with sadness; either he forgot about it or (in a case including family members) got very, very angry.

The Doctor growled, jumped up and kicked the console. There was a big lurch from inside the TARDIS causing River to stumble into a bar. And normally Doctor caught her and supported her, but he ignored River and walked - more stomped- around the TARDIS as if it was still.

"URGH! If I could I would! But. I. Can't!" He yelled at himself, arguing. River decided it best to stay quiet, but a tear rolled down her cheek. She couldn't wipe it away because she had to hold onto the bars for her dear life. There was another slamming sound and the TARDIS stood still. River looked at her breaking husband, who turned to glare at her, but he noticed the tear River had forgotten, and walked to her.

"I'm sorry, River. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have shouted at you. This hurts you as much as it hurts me... Forgive me." He held her face, wiping away her tear with his thumb.
River couldn't keep a straight face any more; she broke down into tears.
"Oh, River. I'm so sorry! So so sorry!" He pulled her into a hug, she shook her head, holding him to her tightly.
"It's not your fault. At all. We will get her back." She cried and cried, staining the Doctor's shirt with tears and mascara.

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