One Direction Imagines! *FINISHED!*

Hey! Im making one direction imagines so just comment your name,eye and hair colour, abit about you, which boy you like and yeah..... Please like,comment and favourite! It will mean alot to me.


9. Irish with Niall

Irish POV

I was walking through town, like I always do on a saturday morning before everyonew comes into town, when I heard lots of screams. I decided to go and investigate. Millions of girls were lining up and holding one direction posters. This is what happens when you live in london. All, if not them most celebrities come here to lonodn. London is getiing popular by the minute. I walked passed them all sighing. I simply cant afford to see one direction and by now your probably thinking, you live in london! Sure you can. But my job only pays for my rent and buys me my food. The screams got louder and I walked further away.

Suddenly, I heard a thick Irish accent shouting. "Hey! Come back!" Nialls probably calling after some other one direction fan definitely not me. I quickended my pace when I suddenly couldnt move further forward. I thought my coat got stuck so I walked back to untangle my coat to see Niall Horan standing there. I dont know what got to me but I found myself starring into his crystal and beautiful blue eyes. "You're beautiful....." He said.

What? Me? Beautiful? He's kidding right? "You're kidding right?" I asked. He just shook his head and smashed his lips onto mine. Fireworks everywhere! Electricity being made. It was the most amazing feeling ever. But I never thought my first kiss would be with Niall Horan from One Direction.

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