The Consequence of Claiming {~A Battle of the Fandoms entry~}

This is my entry for the Battle of the Fandoms: Percy Jackson! I love Percy Jackson (anyone pumped for HoH?!) and I decided to add this to the competition.


1. The Consequence of Claiming

The golden sun was nearing the horizon. There was a majestic fountain, gushing out crystal clear water and a beam of pure, bluish white light shone on it, where a rainbow could easily made. There was a picture, no a misty image, on the rainbow that showed people - teenagers? - gathered around in a forest. But the display was focused on a boy; the centre of attention of the group. He was holding a bronze sword that looked too heavy for him and was wearing armor over an orange shirt and jeans. The teenaged boy look worn out, sweaty and injured, his skin shining and his hair clinging to his face. 


Next to the fountain was a figure. The light beamed against sea-green eyes, staring at the image intently, surrounded by sun-crinkles and deeply tanned skin, and dark black hair, just like the boy's. 

"It is time," he said, as he raised his hand towards the misty vision. With power and might, he began, "I, lord Poseidon, god of the sea, Earthshaker, Stormbringer, claim Perseus Jackson as my son. May the gods be with him."

In the vision, the boy stepped into the creek next to him and instantly looked as if he had been given 20 cups of Expressos. Suddenly, there was spinning holographic green trident on top of his head. The surrounding children could be seen gasping in shock while the teenaged boy looked around, dazed and confused. Only when the sign was fading away did he realise what the others were looking at. 


"You are only endangering him, by announcing a son to all the gods and by breaking a promise, an oath, on the Styx," said another deeper voice, "I am sure Hades will not be pleased." 


"But he is my son and I need him. Though, I am not the only one who has went against our vow, am I, brother?"


"And look what happened to her. Do you want the boy to have the same fate as Thalia? You know as well as I do that Hades will throw every monster he has after him," a man stood beside Poseidon and looked at the boy in the image, "don't you, Poseidon?"


He was wearing a pinstriped suit and stern, proud face with rainy grey eyes. He had a well-trimmed beard, marble grey and black like a storm cloud. He continued, "Now that you have claimed him, I have a person to blame for the theft of my Master Bolt: Perseus Jackson!" A boom of thunder as his voice roared with sounding satisfaction.

"That is the very reason I need him! I need him to clear my name! Zeus, he is not the thief! I do not have it and neither does the boy," Poseidon exclaimed, daring to stare outrage straight into Zeus' eyes.

"You have until the summer solstice, Poseidon. I do not want war, but you leave me no choice. Bring me my bolt and I might spare the boy," Zeus said as he began to back away, "Summer solstice, brother. Summer solstice," and, with a thunderous flash of lightning, he was gone, leaving Poseidon to fume. He dared to fume against his almighty brother.


Turning towards the image of his son, his face softened and his eyes turned sad. Suddenly, he felt desperate.

"I pray you, Percy," looking at his son with longing and grief, "do not fail me," and with the wave of his hand, the face of the teenaged boy vanished.

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