The New Boy In Glee *Sam Evans*

Lilly Pierce is Britney's sister she is in glee club and is the head cheerleader. And when Sam joins glee club will she start to have feelings for him? I DONT OWN GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Lilly Pierce

Name: Lilly Peirce

Siblings: Brittney Pierce who is one year older than her

BFFs: Brittney, Santana, Quinn, Kurt

Freinds: Everyone in glee club and the cheerios 

Hair colour: Blond

Eye colour: Blue

Personality: Funny, Smart (but can be gullible and a bit dumb at times), kind, optimistic, exited 

Hobbies: Reading, cheerleading, playing with her and Brittneys cat Lord Tubbington, Singing, Danceing 

Lilly's POV

Hi! I'm Lillly, I go to mckinnly high school with my sister Brittney, and my freinds in glee club and the cheerios. I gotta go to my first day of school this year ttyl bye!

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