Harry and Cora broke up 3 years ago when they were 18. Little did they know at the time Cora was pregnant with Harry's baby! 3 year old Darcy is walking, and starting to talk more! Harry doesnt know about Darcy and Cora doesnt intend on telling him. Cora started fresh after she gave birth to Darcy and changed her number and moved to a more affordable apartment. What happens when Harry runs into Cora again? Read more to find out!


1. My Baby Girl

Chapter One

 I sit on my babies bed watching her eyes flutter closed as I place the book I was reading to her back on her night table. I stand up tucking her loose, chocolate locks she enhanced from her father, behind her tiny ears and pull her covers right up to her shoulders making sure she doesn't get cold. Then I kiss her cheek gently switching the bedside lamp light off and tip toeing out of the room, closing the door behind me. Once the door clicked I breathed out, a tear escaping my eye. Its too hard! I try to forget him, but she keeps reminding me of him and his amazing qualities, for instance, his sense of humour, she took after, his cute dimples when he smiles that just give you butterflys at how adorable it is, she took after, his emerald green eyes that sparkle like the stars dancing above our very heads... she has those too! I walk down the stairs of my red and black themed apartment wiping my tears out of sight. I plop down on my cream, feather stuffed couch sinking into the welcoming soft fabric releasing my breath. What if I'm not doing a good job raising Darcy? What if she ends up hating me? What if Darcy finds out who her father is? What if rumours spread? Ugghh! I need to stop doing that! I  am thinking about it too much.. he wont find out. The only people that know are Claire, Mom and Dad, and they wouldn't rat me out would they? NO! Of course they wouldn't.. Uhh I need to get my mind off of this! I grab my laptop and log onto Twitter...

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