Constant Fearing of Losing Me

Hi my name is Charlette Day but everyone calls me Charlie for short.

I had a perfect life, good friends, loving parents, until I met a boy at my school named Mark. My whole life changed with just one boy, and one message.

Until a new student came into my school, named Harry Styles


1. Intro


I hate getting up in the morning for school, I don't see the point of me going if I have no friends and no one likes me. It's the same routine every morning; wake up, eat, get dressed. I don't see the point; no one notices me anyway.

Why don't I have friends? Well, my name is Charlotte but my friends and family calls me, Charlie for short.

It all started last summer, my friends and I were going into our senior year. But one person changed everything with one message.

One morning I woke up from a message from this guy I had a crush on for 2 years, his name was Mark. But the only thing was that he never noticed me. I opened the message on my phone from mark and it said: "Hey Charlie! I was wondering if you wanted to hang out a bit at the park near my house"

I was so excited I got up, walked to the washroom and took a shower. I dried my long brown straight hair, then I put on simple makeup; mascara and eyeliner. I wore light blue high waisted shorts and a white crop top with a pair of black toms.

Mark told me to meet him at the park at 2, I looked at my phone and it was 1:45. I still had time, i thought to myself. So I watched a bit of tv to pass the time and then I'll go to the park.

When I got to the park I saw Mark from behind, sitting at the swings, with his short black hair, he turned around with the sun shining on the bright green eyes that I fell inlove with. Anyone could easily get lost in his eyes.

"Hey Charlie!" Mark exclaimed.

"Hi Mark" I replied shyly.

"Wanna go to my place" he asked with a flirty grin.

I was so head over heels for this guy that I didn't hesitated to say "yes".



Hey guys, thanks for reading my first ever story, please dont judge! this is my first time writing and my first time posting it online

Please tell me of what you think it would mean a lot to me (:



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