Dance like no-one's watching<3

This is a poem that I actually wrote at school :PP Our teacher gave us a still image form a movie and asked us to write whatever came to head, be that a poem or a short story or the beginning of a story or just a bunch of words that came to head from this picture. I was proud of this so I thought I should share :)) Please enjoy, preferably with a comfy place to sit and a hot drink and maybe some cake? Go ahead.xx

P.S. The pic is the still image so some of you may recognise the image from the movie - Shawshank Redemption anyone?:PP


1. Dance

The little glowing bit of snow,
Starlight, moonlight,
A silver throw.
A pattern that shimmers 
In the night,
Around the boy of glowing light.
He laughed he sang,
His head to the sky.
I wished and hoped...
I wonder why.
His face was happy,
His heart a song,
The beauty glowing
All night long.

Brownish, floppy, dog-wet hair,
Ice blue eyes 
That shone with care.
The starts that glimmered in the sky,
One by one they became his eyes.
Dancing, laughing,
He finally looked up.
Seeing me hoping, 
Waiting and dreaming
Only for him.

The snowflakes that glowed in the 
Silver moon glow,
Tell me once,
I'll tell them no.

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