Wanting you beside me

After accidentally killing her mother, Emma is sent to a mental hospital however, escapes on the search for her old home and what ever did happen to her mother


1. Alone

I didn't mean too. It was just an accident. Now I have lost everything...

I love my mum. She's all I have. No brothers or sisters, no grandparents. I may have a dad but I couldn’t care less about him though. He ran away from my mother and I and I don't want to see no more of him. For all I knew, he could be dead.

We aren't very rich either. We live in an old crumbling house with smashed windows and a broken roof but it's home. Our clothes are shabby, torn and too small. They are dull but we could barely afford food to keep ourselves alive let alone new clothes.

There was one night which changed my life forever...

There was a smash at the window and my mother looked around. A man had climbed through the already broken window with a gun slightly visible in his pocket. I hid behind the wall praying I wasn't caught. He didn't seem to want me though. He went straight for my mother. She called out for me to run but I couldn’t just leave her there with this stranger. He pulled the gun out his pocket and pointed it at her. She stepped backwards until she hit the wall and was stuck there not daring to move.

My heart pounded in my chest while I thought about what might happen. Would I lose my only family I have left? What did it feel like to die? Was it painful and slow or quick like you're falling asleep? I guess it was how you are killed. A gunshot would be slow and painful. I imagined it is not the best way to die.

I wanted to scream out to the man and grab the gun to stop him from shooting but I was scared we would both die in the procedure. I took the bravery however to creep up from behind the wall and snatch the gun which was only loosely held in his had . I succeeded and put my finger on the trigger. My hands were shaking so I couldn't get a steady grip on it. The stranger put his hands up and by his head but didn't seem to panic, he just grinned like he knew what would happen. I took a deep breath and shot. The man dodged, the bullet hit the vase smashing it into hundreds of sharps shards on the floor and ricochet off hitting the one I loved the most...

I screamed as my mother fell to the floor with a thud, whacking her head against the wall. Blood from her chest poured onto the floor and I ran over to help.

"Mother, mother?" I began to panic even more as I supported her head in my arms. Her eyes were half open and I felt her chest stop moving. I shook her, desperate, but I knew it was too late. A single tear fell from my eye and onto my mother’s chest. I was alone now. I have lost everything.

I must've sat for at least half an hour when a loud bang on the door made me jump.

"Open up! I know you're in there!"

I froze not knowing what to do. If I opened the door, he would see the body however somebody would find out sooner or later.

I stood up and my legs had pins and needles from sitting down for so long, not moving so my legs were a bit wobbly but I managed to walk over to the door and cautiously open it. A tall man, staring down at me, stood at the entrance. He barged passed me, glancing at my mother only once then grabbed hold of me. I struggled to free myself but he was a lot stronger than me and gave up. He pulled me to his car, shoved me in the back and left leaving my poor mother alone.

The journey seemed to last for hours. We passed endless, boring fields and the cows being the most interesting thing to look at. We drove in silence the whole way there as I didn't dare speak and neither did he. I realised I had no idea where we were going. Perhaps to another country but then again we would have to either fly or catch a boat.

We arrived at our destination about an hour later and I was dragged out the car. I looked up at a tall grey building with a barbed wire fence around the outside. Nobody was getting in or out without a member of staff. The windows were barred in and out so it was almost impossible to escape unless you had keys. A small sign stood by the entrance into the building which read

"Barricka home for the mentally insane."

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