The Alphabet life..

If you are still three or four. Studying in the kindergarden, you may know the Alphabet. (The simple one), but let me tell you. There is something more complicated- The Alphabet life. Which really describes my life in an Alpabet form. Just fun...


1. What!? Alphabet

This story really does describe my teenager life in an alphabet way, If you think of alphabet, you may think of this one:


BUT.. I am totally bored with this one. I'm gonna figure and write things that are more complicated in this book.

People may get this reply if I show them the alphabet chart...

People A: What the hell is that!! ALPHABET, I learnt this years before you have been bornt!!!!

(So what, alphabet will be interesting if you keep on reading this book!!)

People B: OIC.. Alphabet... ( Seems to be annoyed by me)( But, let me tell you it won't annoying again after you read this book)

Therefore: Just read this book!!!!!!!!



Dear readers,

I hope you will like this story and leave as many comments as you can. THX!! @_@

Maybe you won't think it so interesting after reading the first chapter. But.. Next chapter is more funny than you can imagine!!!



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