Don't mind me. I know it's horribly written. Just wanted to vent.


1. Goodbye.

I can hear the echo of my name,

They say I'm too young to be gone,

They call me back to keep me from abandoning the game,

But I've fallen too down.


This is my letter of goodbye,

My last words, my last thoughts.

Maybe my silent cries,

It wasn't a battle worth fought.


Adieu to the ones who gave me life,

To the ones who were there by my side,

The ones who made my stay worthwhile.

But hush now, I need to say my last lines.


Thanks but I have to let go,

I don't have anymore smiles left,

This unknown pain is too hard to hold,

Over my back, the darkness crept.


Adios adios adios


This is my last goodbye,

But oh wait, I forgot to name a few

Thanks to my family,

Thanks to my friends,

Thanks to the boy with whom I fell in love with.


I won't keep you for long now,

I will reach a better place somehow.

Don't worry about me, think about yourself,

Don't ever become anything like myself.


I am leaving now

I'm leaving you.

It's my last song,

My colours shown true.


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