I've Fallen For you.. (larry/one direction fanfic)

Louis Tomlinson ,Niall Horan and Liam payne are both angels. Yes i know you all think theres no such thing as angels but there is! Harry styles and Zayn Malik are demons, fallen angels they prefer. Demons Like to take angels when they try to stop there work... What if Louis Tomlinson Fell in love with a certain demon.. Will he fall?


1. Prolouge


I wonder what its like to fall?



Does it hurt??



Maybe i should try?




So thats what i've done...


I've fallen... deeper and deeper into hell...



My beautiful white wings are now black



I cant go back to heaven



I Harry Edward Styles Have become a fallen angel.






Authors Note:

Hey guyss :* Long time no see hey!? Well this is the start and erm yeah i would like 2 likes or comments to post the first chapter :) its not all going to be in harrys pov just to let you know! Anyone going to WWA 2014? I'm going twice and i cant wait :D 


Love you my little s3xy llamas :* xx

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