Hired By Management 2

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 25 Oct 2013
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Hired By Management; It's been seven months since Harry and Kim spoken. They both are living their own life and has moved on. Kim no longer lives in Woodbury, she's now living the life in San Diego, California. What happens when she attends a One Direction concert in Los Angeles, California? The fans take a wrong turn and mobs her. Paul gets the message from management and takes Kim away. Leading her to meet Jean once again. Will she sign the contract, or will she fight to stay away from it. Or will she sign it and fall in love all over again. This time, will contract he harder than before?


28. Unexpected Guest

(The Next Day) 

Austin: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: I got it, it's just Austin. 

Amy: Are you two talking again? 

Kim: No, he's only here to say goodbye. *opens the door* 

Austin: *smiles* Hey. 

Kim: Hi. 

Austin: Can I come in? 

Kim: Uh yeah, sure. 

Austin: *walks in the house* You ok? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm fine. 

Austin: I'm really sorry about yesterday. 

Kim: We already had that conversation on the phone last night. 

Austin: Yeah, I think it was the longest conversation in a while too. *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles/chuckles* Yeah, it was actually. 

Austin: 2 hours and 43 minutes. 

Kim: You even remembered? 

Austin: Who wouldn't? With someone as beautiful as you are. 

Kim: Stop. 

Austin: I'm sorry. 

Kim: Oh, can you give Jessica this for me. *gives Austin an envelope* 

Austin: What's this? 

Kim: It's just money, please don't lose it or open it. There should be $500 brand new bills. 

Austin: Alright, I'm glad you told me, now I can take good care of it. 

Kim: *rolls her eyes* 

Austin: I'm really gonna miss you. 

Kim: Why? We're not together Austin. 

Austin: Yeah, but we've known eachother since we were in the seventh grade. 

Kim: Yeah, but still. 

Harry: *calls kim* 

Kim: *smiles* Hello. 

Harry: Hey, I sent you something, did you get it yet? 

Kim: No, what'd you send me? *smiling* 

Harry: *smiles/rings the doorbell* Was that a doorbell I heard? 

Kim: Yeah, it was, hold on. *opens the door* 

Harry: *smiles like a cupcake* 

Kim: *smiles big and kisses harry* Oh my god! Why didn't you tell me you were coming?! 

Harry: I wanted it to be a *sees Austin* Austin. 

Kim: What? *looks back* Oh? Austin was just leaving back home today. 

Harry: Really? 

Austin: Don't worry; I wasn't spending the night or nights. 

Harry: No, it's all good mate. 

Austin: Don't call me mate; it makes it sound like we're together. 

Harry: Oh. 

Austin: *looks at kim* I guess I can go to the airport three hours early. 

Kim: *gives Austin a look* 

Austin: *opens the door and leaves* 

Kim: *faces harry* 

Harry: *smiles softly* Go. 

Kim: Thank you. *leaves* Austin! 

Austin: So you do love me after all. *looking out the car smiling* 

Kim: Look, I only came out here was to say goodbye properly and to give you a hug. 

Austin: *sits silently and then gets out the car and hugs kim* I love you Kim, just know that. I always had and I'll always will. I'm happy for you and Harry. I hope he treats you and the baby right. 

Kim: *starts to cry* Thank you Austin. *hugs Austin tight* 

Harry: *staring from the window* 

Amy: Harry? 

Harry: *gets startled* Mom, I mean Mrs. Augustine, I didn't know you were here. 

Amy: *smiles/chuckles* Mom is fine and yes, I was, I was in the room. When did you get here? 

Harry: Just right now. 

Amy: Is she out there? 

Harry: Yeah, she's talking to Austin. 

Amy: *smiles* She really loves you Harry. 

Harry: *forces a smile* I know she does. 

Amy: Good. *smiles and sits down* 

Kim: Take care. 

Austin: I will and I love you. 

Kim: *smiles in tears* I love you too Austin. 

Austin: *smiles/gets in the car and drives off* 

Harry: *walks to the couch and sits* So... 

Amy: Are you taking her home tonight? 

Harry: No, but I thought I should just come and stay a few nights here to make it seem more real. 

Amy: What more real? 

Harry: She didn't tell you? 

Amy: No, all she told me was that she is pregnant. 

Harry: Oh yeah, that too. 

Kim: *walks in the house* Oh? Mom, I thought you were napping? 

Amy: I was, but I couldn't sleep, so I came out and saw Harry. What aren't you telling me Kim? 

Kim: What you mean? *looks at harry* 

Harry: *opens his eyes wide and then blinks a few times* 

Kim: What did you tell her Harry? 

Harry: Well...  

Amy: I'll tell you what he said. 

Kim: *looks at amy and crosses her arms* 

Amy: But I'm gonna need you to be honest ok. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Amy: He said he came here to make it look more real. 

Kim: *chuckles* That's it. 

Amy: Yeah, and what's funny about it? 

Kim: Mom, what Harry meant was to make it look more real was for you to see that we are trying to get back together.  

Amy: *looks at harry* 

Harry: *smiles like a cupcake* 

Amy: Interesting, now, are you two gonna get back or? 

Harry: We're gonna renew our vowels. 

Amy: So another wedding again? 

Harry: Yes, an even bigger one. *looks at kim and smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Amy: Well, I hope I'm invited again. *gets up and leaves* I'll let you two talk. *walks off* 

Kim: *looks at harry upset* 

Harry: What? *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles and leans forward to kiss harry*

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