Close Your Eyes

Emma also known as Em, starts to recognize the magic around her. Her friends, her best friends, and even herself have something unique. Once they start finding each others powers, they take a road trip back to the past. Not only does Em have superpowers, but she also has a lover. She never knew she'd end up with someone so loving, caring, and hot as-


1. Information You Might Want

How this story came to be-

Well, this story is based on true friends and family, but with a huge twist to all of them. All of their names are either switched or changed into a random name. I'd wanted to start a new story, and I wanted it be different from my other books. So, I decided why not something supernatural?

Update times-

I think I may do a chapter every other week, or if it turns out to be super long it will be every week. I will probably publish a chapter on Mondays or Sundays.


I'm probably not going to do where I need to have so many likes for me to update the book, because honestly I don't think that's how it should be. That's just my perspective! Anyway, I do appreciate the comments you have, either bad or good, and I always like knowing that people do like the book! Whenever you leave a comment please try to be reasonable, and explain thoroughly why you think so. Try not hate on me that much, I'm not professional. Yet.

Your Feedback-

Like I said I only want the honest truth about the book, but don't go hating on me. If I misspell or something in that category just tell me! Everyone messes up. Your feedback for this story will be helpful for my learning in the future, and how to write better as well.

Began- 4/8/14


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