The Face In The Mirror!!!

A short story about a MIRROR!


1. The Face In The Mirror!!!!

It was just an ordinary day, nothing strange. That is until the mirror came. It was a run of the mill, average mirror, nothing special. Or so everyone thinks! I know better. In the night it glows an ethral green. A face appears, grows and spins. It stops after 30 seconds precisely. Then...the eyes...start burning with flames of pure red filled with hatred. Growing brighter and brighter. Lighting up the small dark room, tinting it a dark crimson colour, like blood. Then ... suddenly a strange figure starts emerging from the mirror. As though it is melting though the glass. A blacked winged demon, with glowing red horns, drifting up to the ceiling, like a balloon floating through the sky. The demon looking down on us with a sadistic grin. A pink glow started emitting from it. Covering us in salmon coloured sheets, not stopping the cold, only adding a to it. I reached up to touch the black winged demon, but it hissed at me, making me rear back, and cover my arms. My fingers went straight through it, like a hologram. It disapparated. I could still feel those pitch black eyes, boing into my soul, making me feel like my body was on fire, ants crawling underneath my skin. I started to creep towards the mirror, on the squeaking floorboards, desperately trying to not wake up my sleeping sister, so she doesn't see the horrific sight of that...that...thing. As I reached the mirror, I lifted my hand out and touched it. Nothing happened. No glowing. No nothing. I was severely disappointed. Everyday and every night, I try it again and again. Nothing. I tried to find a way to see it again, to make sure my nightmares were true and I wasn't going insane. Then one day, I walked my sister home from school, into our house, which we live in all by ourselves. We walked into our bedroom, and instinctively lookied at the mirror, only to find it missing. I turned back to my sister and started to ask her about school. Then I whipped my head back round, and stared in shock, where could it of gone. Then there was this eerie silence, no cars, no birds singing, no nothing. Then it was replaced by an ear shrilling laughter. Like a cackle. Then it stopped as suddenly as it started. We searched for hours for the mirror but nothing, nada, nil. Who knows where it could of gone. Have you checked on your wall !!!

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