Her, Them and a Home at Last

Natasha Violet had lived in a care home since she was 5, but when she found out her cousin was Nicola Roberts, her life changed forever. Until, an unexpected guest turned up on her fifteenth birthday...


1. Chapter 1


As I was led through the door all five girls were there, Nicola, Kimberley, Cheryl, Nadine and Sarah, otherwise known as Girls Aloud. I loved them, and I had a backstage pass. ME! Just me! Well, and a chaperone, Leanne, from the dump they call a care home. Don’t kid me, I love the people there, but ... The girls were all talking to each other. Then the security guard introduced me to each of them and they all welcomed me backstage.

As we got chatting Nicola suddenly said, “Hold on a minute! I think I recognise you.”

Everyone looked puzzled so Nicola told us to follow her to the dressing rooms. She pulled out a photo album and flicked to a page in the book.

“I take this photo album with me because it helps encourage me before a performance. Here it is. This is a picture of my cousin. I haven’t seen here since she was four and that was eight and a half years ago.” Smiling up out of the picture was me a five months before I was sent to the kids dump.

“You do realise this means you two are cousins.” Kimberley pointed out.

My eyes went wide and I suddenly felt like jumping up and down. I was related to Nicola. Me! A twelve year old girl who lived in a care home, related to Nicola Roberts.  That meant I could get out of here.

As Girls Aloud got there things I went through what had happened. I had been given tickets and a backstage pass to a Girls Aloud concert at the O2 - which was unusual because we never got tickets to concerts. After I met Girls Aloud and found one of them was my cousin.  As I was thinking, the girls came out one by one.

“Our manager said that there would be a special fan ‘visiting’ us for a while. Now I realise it was you,” said Sarah, “So let’s go back to the hotel and get you signed in while your chaperone happily goes home!”

“Oh, Leanne can’t go home. I’m a care kid; I have to be with a chaperone on outings like this.” Turning to Leanne I said, “And the care workers probably knew that I was related to Nicola, didn't you, that’s why I got the tickets and backstage pass, I should have guessed.”

 “That’s so cool, but shouldn’t we be going?” said Nadine.

Later Cheryl asked me how I found the kids dump and whether I liked being chaperoned everywhere. So I told her that the dump was OK, but I hated being chaperoned everywhere, I mean I'm twelve not eight.

The next day Leanne sat apart from us at breakfast so we could all chat and then we had relaxing day near the hotel, with Leanne. At about 2 o’clock we had to go back to the kid’s dump, so I had to say goodbye to my new ‘friends’.


A month later I was called into the office at the care home, my care worker was there, John, as well as Leanne.

 “We have reviewed Miss Roberts’s situation and have agreed that if she is willing she may become your guardian, if she wants. you must bear in mind that you won’t be able to go to that many events because we do not want word getting out too soon that Nicola Roberts has become the legal guardian of her cousin, blah blah blah …” my care worker explained.

 “Yes,” Leanne agreed, “At least not until your 14. And you still have to concentrate on your studies, we will see if we can convince your cousin to keep you at your current school until the end of the year at least, so as not to interrupt your studies.”

 “We have arranged a visit for you to see Miss Roberts tomorrow and, of course, Leanne will go with you.” Continued my social worker, “And one more thing, you cannot tell anyone at all, especially not your friends.”

A few weeks later, my stuff was packed and I was getting ready to leave and saying goodbye.  I was going home for the first time in eight years, to a proper home.

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