The Voices of my Kidnappers

A story in the process of being co-written by me and Rawr-I_love_yu(On Miss Literati)! :)


1. Chapter 1

I could feel my heart hammering inside my chest as I periodically forced myself to puff out silent, shallow breaths and choked back tears. Each hot breath on the fist covering my mouth reminded me to keep breathing. I was gripping my sleeve so tightly to my palms, my nails had probably pierced through the fabric and left crescent-moon-shaped marks on them.

I was blindfolded, so I could only assume that we were in the back of a van or something. My kidnappers had carried me to whatever vehicle we were in now. At least they had placed me in gently.

I took a couple rapid breathes through my nose, sounding like I was recovering from crying. I hadn't been, though. I was too scared to do even that.

“I don't like this,” a robotic voice came from the person to my left. The person found the hand that wasn't covering my mouth and laced their fingers through it. It was a large, strong, man's hand.

I let them continue holding my hand. I was too afraid to pull it away and I was willing to take any comfort I could get. I didn't know what they wanted with me, but I figured holding the person's hand couldn't hurt me. Pulling away might only make them angry.

“It'll be fine,” a fake sounding girly voice answered from a few feet away, “L- uh,” they stuttered, presumably almost revealing the person's name. “You,” the voice decided.

I picked out five different laughs: one sounded like an old man's, the lady's, a chipmunk-like one, a really deep, Darth-Vader-like one, and even the robot couldn't help but let out a little chuckle. I assumed they were laughing because the lady was actually a man. They must have been using voice disguisers.

“I think she's really quite scared,” the robot answered. I wondered why he cared.

“We have to stick to the plan now,” Darth Vader told him.

“This isn't a good idea,” the robot stated.

“It's a little late now,” the chipmunk said, giggling as he spoke.

The five laughed at each other every time one of them spoke. I pictured a little chipmunk speaking and relaxed a bit. I let myself try to believe I was in a van with an old man, a nice lady, Darth Vader, a chipmunk, and a soft hearted robot. A small smile spread across my face. I was glad my hand was still covering my face. I didn't want them to think that this was okay, even if they had the very best of intentions for this. I couldn't imagine how on earth they could have good intentions, but the robot was, frustratingly, making me let my guard down.

“We'll be there soon, love,” the robot whispered in my ear, giving my hand a squeeze.

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