Time Turning Watches

Lucille Tempus has a strange family. One person a generation can manipulate time by either pausing it, looking into the future or seeing the past. You can tell the chosen child by a small 'T' on their left wrist. But Lucille was born with the mark on her right wrist, does this mean she will get the powers on her 15th birthday or not?


1. Prolouge


The Tempus Family has always had a special gift, bring able to see future/past or stop time. This gift is only given to one person a generation and usually causes a rift in the family. The Tempus Family are wealthy yet most people will not notice them, they built this bubble around the family and its' secrets in the 1800's after one of the time turners was burnt at the stake for witchery.


This story starts with a young girl being born into this quirky family. 

Her name is Lucille and this is her experience with time turning watches.  

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