Love and Lust: The Guy at the Cafe

Have you ever imagine yourself meeting a stranger and end up falling in love with him? But what if your best friend is not happy about it? What will you do? What will you risk? Friendship or Romance? Find out what Thads did to save the friendship he have and the romance he made.


1. Meet the Real Characters

                                                             Thads Cammayo- the main character

                                                              Carlos Timbol- the stranger that Thad met                                                                                                         at the Starbucks cafe

                                                             Russel Jackman- Thads bestfriend                                                                                                          and happens to be Carlo's best buddy.


So...these are the characters that will appear mostly on this fanfic. Enjoy. Btw, Thads POV is only the main focus on this fanfic since he is the main character so basically, it will look like a novel thing.

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