The Doctor's Hourglass Part 1

What says 'holiday' more than a trip to the medieval era of King Arthur? The Doctor and Clara are in Camelot where all the townsfolk are having nightmares. Upon calling on Guinevere they find that she knows more than the Doctor would really like. And she's not letting them go till they tell her what she wants to find out.
There's also a mystery man that keeps trying to kill the Doctor. He calls himself The Riddle but does he work for the Silence or are they there to stop both him and the Doctor?


1. The Doctor's Hourglass 1



(Maid 1 enters Guinevere's room. She lays down some wood for the fire and tucks her mistress in)

MAID 1: Anything else you need, your highness?

GUINEVERE: No thank-you Karolina.

MAID 1: You sure ma'am? Many a folk down in the village are tendin' to have bad dreams nightly.

GUINEVERE: I'm sure I'll be fine.

MAID 1: If you're certain.

(Maid smiles and leaves the room. Guinevere lays on her back, staring up at the ceiling)

GUINEVERE: He wouldn't dare.

(Then Guinevere leans over and blows out the candle)

GUINEVERE: He wouldn't even try.

(Then Guinevere touches a necklace thats around her neck. The pendant at the end, an hourglass, turns over and the sand begins running down)

GUINEVERE: Not when the Sand's still running.



(The TARDIS appears outside a Medieval Castle. The Doctor wanders out and sniffs the air. Clara follows)
THE DOCTOR: Fresh air. It's Spring.

CLARA: Middle Ages?

THE DOCTOR: Possibly. I just found myself intrigued by the thought of adventure.

CLARA: As you would.

(The Doctor begins heading towards the wall of the Castle)

THE DOCTOR: Come on Clara. I want to see where we are.

CLARA: We're in Britain. We probably look very strange. Your question is answered.


(Cut to the Doctor and Clara walking up the main-street. Townsfolk are going about their daily business)

SHOP PERSON 1: Fresh Vegetables!

(Clara gazes around at everything)

CLARA: We'd only ever learnt about this in history.

THE DOCTOR: It's much more interesting up close isn't it? I wonder what monarchy it is.

(The Doctor walks over to Shop Person 2)

SHOP PERSON 2: How's the day? Looking for anything?

THE DOCTOR: Who's in charge?

SHOP PERSON 2: What do you mean?

CLARA: He means, who's the king at the moment?

SHOP PERSON: (laughs) The pubs back over there. I advise you stay over there. The king's Arthur of course.

THE DOCTOR: Thankyou. I'll head back to the pub right away.

(The Doctor turns to Clara)

THE DOCTOR: Arthur. I wonder if I'll spot any dragons.

CLARA: I wouldn't be surprised.

THE DOCTOR: You've learnt well.

(The Doctor wanders up the Castle steps)

CLARA: I don't think we'll get in.


CLARA: To the castle.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, I don't know about that. I've slayed one or two mythical creatures in my lifetimes.

CLARA: Really?


(The Doctor walks quickly up to a set of knights mounting onto their horses)


(Sir Gawain stares at the Doctor)


THE DOCTOR: I was wondering if I could gain access to the Castle.

SIR GAWAIN: Do you have an appointment with the King? If so, he isn't here at the present time.


(Sir Gawain hops onto his horse and the knights ride away)

THE DOCTOR: Back to the TARDIS we go.

CLARA: What for?

THE DOCTOR: So we can get into the Castle of course.

CLARA: Of course.

THE DOCTOR: Now where did I put those keys?


(Cut to the TARDIS appearing in a room of in Castle. Clara and the Doctor stumble out of the room)

THE DOCTOR: A bit of a tight fit isn't it?

CLARA: You can say that again.

THE DOCTOR: You look good in a dress by the way.

CLARA: What've you got planned now?

THE DOCTOR: Nothing. Now, where can we this queen?

(The Doctor begins wandering around the corner. Clara follows suit. A guard walks past and the Doctor stands to attention as if being inconspicuous)

CLARA: Why are we even in Camelot?

THE DOCTOR: Because I've always wanted to visit.

CLARA: Didn't it seem a bit dangerous to you?

THE DOCTOR: After facing Weeping Angels, Daleks, Silurians, a Werewolf, a hybrid dog thing and shutting Hitler in a closet after someone telling him to shut up, I don' think so.

CLARA: Wait. You shut Hitler in a-

THE DOCTOR: Here she comes!

(Guinevere jumps in surprise as the Doctor holds out his hand and smiles)

THE DOCTOR: Pleasure to meet you. This is my companion, Clara. How are you, your highness?

GUINEVERE: Who are you?

THE DOCTOR: That's not important at the moment. The important thing is that I'm meeting you. A phenomenal character in English Legend!

CLARA: Ignore him. He's crazy.

GUINEVERE: And why shouldn't I throw you out since you don't seem to be here for any apparent reason?

THE DOCTOR: Because I'm not crazy.


(The Doctor and Clara follow Guinevere into a study of some sort. She sits down on a chair at the end of the desk. The room is brightly lit and it is richly furnished)

GUINEVERE: What's your name?

THE DOCTOR: The Doctor.

GUINEVERE: Doctor Who?

CLARA: That's his name.

GUINEVERE: Why are you here, Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: Just visiting like I said before.

GUINEVERE: The thing is, I've heard about you before and you're reason is never really about visiting is it?

THE DOCTOR: Not always. Who told you about me?

GUINEVERE: I know people. But tell me, Doctor. What do you know about the TimeLord Sands?

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