At the local high school, there are the jocks, the nerds, the stoners, the rich kids, the artsies, and the populars. When Mr. Martinez, the English teacher, decides to put one student from each clique together as a group for a school project, each of them feel like it's the end of the world. They all used to be best friends, but after a giant fight in the seventh grade that's haunted each of them for years, they'd split up. But now it's time to face the truth. Should they forgive and forget, learn and love, or remember grudges and give hell for them? There's no getting out of being a group, so they'll need to work out their differences and try to be friendly. But when secrets are spilt and tears are shed, they might realize that they're not so different at all. It might've been Mr. Martinez that brought them together, but maybe it was really fate.


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set in the USA and none of the boys are the nationalities they really are (British, Irish). also, I don't really think Louis is egotistical, Liam is nerdy or anything like that mentioned. I say it for the story, because it fits their character in the story. one last thing: this won't be a story with the band as a band. they will be individuals who are as different as they can be. I will say very untrue things about each of them, but as I said before, it's for the story's purpose. thanks for understanding.


The Jocks

"Hey Louis, great game yesterday!" Mathew shouts at Louis as they pass in the halls. Louis simply waves his hand, and Mathew's smile grows. Louis just smirks and continues walking, his ego bigger than the number of goals he scored yesterday. 

Louis is a stereotypical athletic kid. He wears his soccer (USA) uniform almost everyday and nobody has ever seen him without a piece of clothing by Under Armour on since the sixth grade. He has blue eyes that crinkle when he smiles a real smile which actually isn't often. He usually only uses his winning smile, the one he wears after scoring a goal or charming a girl. His hair is styled to perfection everyday, the top of the brown scruff angling towards the sky. Only a few others at the school can make the style work, but he's the only one in the jocks. He likes that.

Louis is on his way to English class, and he's actually quite eager to find out who he'll be doing the project with. Mr. Martinez better have put him with somebody good.

And with the sun filtering in through the windows to cover the entire school in sunlight, he has a great feeling about it.

Especially since class is cancelled so the students can exchange information with their partners.

Louis rounds the corner and saunters over to the bulletin board outside the classroom. Only several students stand in front of it, and they're pretty quiet. Louis wonders why. He pushes past the five of them, hiking his backpack up higher on his shoulder, and when his name catches his eye and he sees who it is he's working with, it's all he can do to not let his backpack fall on the ground. 

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson

Diana Tylers


He hasn't been friends with these boys since the seventh grade! Since the fight. And as for Diana... He doesn't even know what to think. After seventh grade, should he be mad at her? Or should she be mad at him?

Mr. Martinez will change his group. He will. He must. He has to.


The Nerds

"Liam! Who did you get?" An excited voice hits Liam's ears, and he has to restrain himself from wincing. Seamus's voice is just so high pitched. Maybe that's why every other group in school hates them. Because Seamus.

Seamus is a freshman that just loves to follow Liam around. He has large Harry Potter style glasses, and he's short and pudgy. His brownish reddish hair is in a bowl haircut, falling a few inches above his big brown eyes. Liam doesn't really like him, but Seamus is his neighbor and he's hard to get away from.

Liam on the other hand looks nothing like Seamus, save for the brown eyes. He's got a buzz cut, so it's hard to tell how wavy his hair used to be. Liam is tall and muscular, and actually really hot. He looks like he would be a wrestler, but he prefers the safety of school and reading. That doesn't mean that he couldn't take any of the boys at the school in a fight though. He has before. Fortunately, Liam isn't that 'I go looking for a fight' type. He's nice and sweet, even to people he doesn't like. Seamus, for instance.

Liam stops in the middle of the hallway and turns around, seeing the short boy standing several feet away from him. He forces a smile.

"For the English project?" he clarifies about Seamus's question. Seamus nods excitedly and Liam scratches his head.

"No, I haven't yet. You?"

The pudgy boy shakes his head with a vigor. How is he so exited about everything? It's annoying.

"I was just on my way!" he cries and strides forward with little steps to reach Liam. He grasps Liam's forearm and the taller boy automatically tenses. He can't stand people touching him. Seamus freezes, then removes his hand, noticing how Liam relaxes the second his touch has disappeared.

"Sorry," Liam mutters and begins walking forward to the English classroom. "I was on my way as well."

"Awesome! We can walk together!"

"Yep. Very awesome," Liam repeats, sarcasm etched into his voice. They walk together to room 242 while Seamus chatters feverishly about math theorems and the math homework. 

"...And so for the homework last night, we had to use the Pythagorean Theorem, right? A squared plus B squared equals C?"

"Equals C squared," Liam corrects, his voice uncaring.

"Right, right. Well anyways, I got the square root of 534.08-"

"The answer was 200," Liam says. Seamus's eyebrows knit together in confusion as he straightens his plaid button up shirt.


"The answer was 200," he says again. 

"How did you get that?"

Liam glances at Seamus.

"You find the length of all of the sides, find the area, multiply the area by five and then subtract the area of the square inside the shape. It was quite easy," Liam explains, no rush in his tone. He knows how to do things tons more complicated than that, but he is cool about the whole thing. He never acts like a real nerd is supposed to act. A real nerd at their school acts like Seamus, except they're actually smart. Poor Seamus couldn't do that simple math.


Before Seamus can finish what he wants to say, Liam has quickened his pace and he is speed walking to the bulletin board next to the closed door to Mr. Martinez's classroom. There's a small crowd formed around the board, so it's a small struggle to squeeze in. Before he dives in to the crowd, he sees Louis Tomlinson stomping away, glaring at anybody and everybody he passes.

What's his deal? Didn't win the soccer game yesterday? It would be good for him to not get what he wants once in a while. Just like the seventh grade, he thinks fleetingly. 

Liam shakes his head of the thoughts and steps forward, his finger trailing along the list to find 'Payne', his last name.

Liam finds his name easily on the paper. His mouth runs dry.

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson

Diana Tylers

Not them. He isn't friends with any of them. Hasn't been since the blowout, what, like five years ago? He hasn't talked to any of them in five years. He can't be in a project with them now!

Well, he thinks, looking on the bright side, at least I'm not with Seamus


The Stoners

"Zayn, dude, you gotta come to the bonfire tonight! It's gonna be great!" Marty calls to the tall boy walking unhurriedly away from them. Zayn turns around, still walking, but walking backwards, a dopey grin on his face.

He salutes the other two boys, Marty and Samuel. "Oh, I'll be there," he shouts, not caring that his voice is echoing throughout the school. Samuel laughs and Zayn turns back around, walking in the direction of the English classroom. 

Zayn is a laid back guy. Well, an attractive laid back guy. He's got dark hair styled in this 'quiff' thing, or so he's heard from a British girl he met at a horse racing thing last year with his dad. His eyes are a deep brown, and he has some stubble running along his chin. Other than that, he's tall and lean and there's nothing too special about him besides the fact that he is really attractive. Oh, and he smokes a lot. Anything. Smokes anything. He's kind of a hero in his group, The Stoners, as people call them.

Zayn starts to whistle a song from some Disney movie as he walks. He makes sure to be as loud as he possibly can. As he passes the art room, Ms. Davinport sticks her head out of her door and gives him a look.

"Mr. Malik, you need to watch your volume!" she exclaims. Her voice is harsh. Zayn smiles and winks at her, making her gasp. 

She's an old teacher, with silver hair and wrinkly hands, and he bets that she's divorced with a son living as far away from her as he can get. Zayn suppresses his laugh at the truth in that thought.

"If I wasn't teaching a class right now, you would be in big trouble!" 

Then she closes the door, almost slamming the heavy wooden thing, and he continues to the English room.

It takes him over ten minutes to reach the bulletin board outside the classroom. There is a small crowd of students surrounding it, but once he nears them, they all step away. He winks at a few of the girls, loving the blush that spreads across their faces. They're all prepsters anyways. They have nothing to do with each other, which is why it's fun to tease them. 

Zayn strides over to the very white paper, the only thing on the bulletin board besides the instructions for what they should do instead of going to class. He deliberately doesn't look at that, not quite caring about what it says. Mr. Martinez loves him anyway. English is one of the many classes that he can slide right through, barely doing the homework. Zayn adores it.

Zayn finds his name slowly on the paper, and he has to blink a few times before his group members' names become clear.

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson

Diana Tylers

He rolls his eyes once he processes it and pushes himself away from the board using his left hand.

"Dandy," he mutters himself as he cuts over to the door that leads to the school's courtyard. "Really. F*ckin. Dandy."

God, why did Mr. Martinez do this? Like, what are even the odds of them all being in a group together? How?


The Rich Kids

The smile on Niall's face is large as he slides out of his sleek black Mercedes-Benz. He slams the car door with his right hand, and locks it, loving the beeping sound that comes from it.

"Niall," Jeff addresses him, his lips curled into a smirk. Niall nods his head at the boy, spinning his car keys around his index finger.

"Hey," he replies as he begins to walk down the steps that go from the parking lot to the high school. He has just come back from lunch with his father and a few businessmen. They talked about university next year and they offered him an internship at his father's company. His life couldn't be any more perfect.

Niall is a preppy kid, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Well, his hair isn't naturally blonde, but that's besides the point. He is average height; not tall, not short. But besides that, he's got luck and money, and that's all you really need to know about him. Luck and money.

"Party at my house tonight. You in?" Jeff asks, his green eyes hopeful. Niall wants to laugh at how hard Jeff tries.  

"Yeah, I'll be there."

"It's B.O.B." 

Niall feels like laughing again.

"Sure, man."

Jeff smiles at the fact that Niall will be coming to his house. Niall is at the top of their group, and talking to him is like a privilege. Niall never lets it go unnoticed. 

"You need the time?" Jeff inquires. The blonde boy shakes his head, not caring what time the party starts. He'll be there once the party is in full swing, and he doesn't need to know what time that is. He has a natural sense of it.

"See you," says Jeff as he walks away from Niall, going to his car across the parking lot. Niall doesn't say anything back, already descending down the stairs to the school.

He doesn't pass anybody of importance as he goes into high school. Really, nobody is here anymore, at least that he is friends with. It's last block, and most of the people in his group have free blocks now. Niall would have English, but it is cancelled today because of the project that they'll be doing. He plans on seeing who is in his group and then leaving right after. 

It'll take under two minutes, he's positive.

Sure enough, a minute later, he arrives at Mr. Martinez's classroom. The bulletin board that is usually empty next to the door now has two sheets of paper on it. He knows that one tells of what they should do today: 

Exchange information with your partners. That's it. Class will be on tomorrow so please remember to bring a notebook or ten lines pieces of paper with you. Tomorrow, I'll be explaining what the project is about, aka, what you'll be doing with your partners. Have a good day. -Mr. Martinez

The other paper just has a long list on it. Presumably, this is the sheet that will say their groups and their partners. Niall takes a breath in anticipation.

He hopes he gets Melanie Lipsy.

He's had his eye on her since the second day of school and if they're partners, there is no doubt that something will happen between them.

But then Niall finds his name and he reads who his partners are and his jaw drops. 

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson

Diana Tylers

He has hated these kids since the end of seventh grade. How could Mr. Martinez put them together? He'll have to bribe the teacher to put him with another group. It'll work. 

It has to work.

He just won't work with the five of them. There's no way in Hell. If Diana couldn't respect him then, then how will she treat him now? She's part of the Populars, and is way out of Niall's league. Not like he likes her or anything. Just thinking.

Thinking that even though he couldn't win her over in the seventh grade, that maybe it'll work this time.

No! Niall, what are you thinking?! You lost everything because of her! Stop thinking like that!

So he leaves the school in a rush, sighing, knowing his subconscious is right. He won't let her happen to him again. 


The Artsies

"Carter, wait up!" Harry shouts at his sister's best friend, his own girlfriend. The exotic beauty turns around, her sparkling eyes crinkling with a smile once they catch sight of him. 

And who could blame her? Harry is gorgeous! He's got brown curly hair that he teases up to pure perfection, and green eyes that can make anyone give him what he wants. He's tall and has large hands and feet. He doesn't know who he got them from, to be honest. Harry usually wears skinny jeans, which would make any other boy in the entire school look a certain way, but on him, it works in a completely perfect way. 

Harry runs up to Carter who has stopped in the middle of the hallway, slinging his arm around her slim waist and giving her a kiss on the cheek when he reaches her. Her smile widens.

"Where're you headed off to, babe?" he asks, his mouth against her ear. She shivers and pinches his hand that rests on her hipbone, laughing in the cutest way possible.

"Just about to head home," she replies and he sets his head on her shoulder, her silky black hair tickling his chin. Harry smiles and she can feel it.

"Wait for me? I just have to find out my group for English and then I'm homefree!"

Carter laughs at his excited tone, then nods slowly.

"Yeah, sure. Just be quick? I have to pick up my sister."

"Of course," he assures her sweetly, and then he moves from behind her to next to her, intertwining their hands together. Hers seem small and precious in his and all he wants to do is protect her from the world and everything and wow, he really loves her.

Together, they walk to the English classroom, chatting about what they could do over the weekend, which is after tomorrow because today is Thursday. He makes her smile and she makes him laugh and it's all just very lovely.

When they reach the Mr. Martinez's room, he drops her hand. "Hold on, I'll just go check and then we can get out of this place."

She grins, showing her white teeth. "Alright."

He pecks her on the cheek and then pushes past a few kids in his grade to finally stand in front of the list, attached to the large bulletin board with a black pushpin. It takes Harry a moment to find his name, and when he does, the color drains out of his face, and his heart drops out of his butt, or so it feels like.

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson

Diana Tylers

He stands motionless in front of it, thinking, oh, god. I can't be with them. We haven't talked in years. 

And then he thinks again, but maybe it would be a good thing because they had been good friends. But it won't be able to work. Because of her. 

Because of Diana. 


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