Skylar and Liam have been neighbours as well as friends for quite a while now. Liam is one of the populars and she is just regular. Skylar has had a crush on Liam since the day they met but she has always believed that Liam sees her nothing but a friend.

One day when Skylar gets to her locker she finds a post it note on it. she pulls it off and reads 'You look really pretty today Sky, you made my day with just a single smile. Skylar believing it is a prank crumples it up and throws it away and heads to class. Then after first period she finds another post it on her locker and now is not so sure if it is a prank and determined to find out who it is.

Who do u think it is??? Read this movella to find out!!


1. One


‘Can’t Touch this, Na-Na-Na-Na-Na! Can’t touch t-‘  I quickly darted my hand out from underneath all my blankets as I lay on my bed to hit the snooze button on my alarm, 7:30 is far too early to get up.
The music stopped and I rolled over then sighed as I started drifting back off to sleep,
“SKYLAR! Get up” My mother called from downstairs.
I groaned into my pillow then slowly got up to face another day at High School, yippee.
“I’m up” I called back and through my hair into a messy bun and started getting all my stuff ready for school as I listened to my iPod through the stereo.
I was still in my pyjama pants and tank top when Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne started playing, it’s old I know, but it’s still an awesome song!
I made my bed while jumping around and singing to the music then began heading for the bathroom, but as I made my way towards there I walked past my window and something caught my eye.
My neighbour. Liam. Watching me.
Okay so firstly, Liam Payne is one of the most popular guys at my school who just so happens to be one of the captains of schools basketball team, but unlike all the other members on the team, he isn’t a jerk.
He’s actually one of the nicest guys I know.
And secondly, yes, he is my neighbour. We get along really good but we don’t hang out a lot, probably cause’ were both complete opposites a school.
He’s popular, I’m just regular.

I was frozen as he looked at me through his bedroom window, obviously he had caught me dancing, his eyes were filling with Laughter which made me blush.
I laughed nervously and ran my hands through my hair as he smiled at me and waved, I waved then quickly shut my curtains before letting out a relived sigh then headed for the bathroom.

After I was dressed and had my hair and makeup done I headed downstairs then had breakfast,
“Morning” mum said with a smile as she sipped her coffee, I smiled and gave her a hug, “Morning” I replied as I sipped my orange juice and sat across from her at the table, me and my mum are really close.
“So have you got a date for the dance next Friday?” Mum asked with a grin, I laughed and rolled my eyes, “No ma…I had this one guy that I wanted to ask me to the dance, but I don’t think he will” I said slightly disappointed, she nodded,
“It’s only Monday Sky, he could still ask you” she offered nicely, I nodded.
Before I knew it, it was time to head down to the bus stop and meet up with Kayla, my best friend.
“Hey Kay” I said and we did our random hand shake we’ve done ever since we were little, yes we have a handshake, cause’ were cool like that.
Kayla is my best friend, were not popular but not like the opposite, I guess where kind of in the middle.
We both laughed and sat down at the bus stop as we waited for the school bus to come.
“Soooo” Kayla sang before continuing, “Has mister Payne asked you to the dance yet?” she asked with a grin while wiggling her eyebrows.
I laughed, “No, besides he’s probably going to ask Miller” I said rather disappointed.
Kayla patted my back, “Hey you don’t know that Sky, besides they broke up like 2 months ago.”
I nodded and sighed, “but there’s been rumours-“ she cut me off, “Who gives a crap about rumours Sky, besides most of the time, there not even true.”
I couldn’t argue with that because it’s true.

Before either of us could continue the conversation we heard someone walking down the footpath behind me, Kayla grinned at me and I knew who it was before even had the chance to turn around, it was Liam.
Okay, so I like Liam, but he doesn’t see me for anything more than a friend.
When he got his heart broken, I was his shoulder to cry on.
When he thought he was completely and totally in-love with Miller, Miss head cheerleader, I was the girl who had to plaster on a fake smile when he came over and told me.

Liam sat down next to me in the bus stop before saying “Good morning” too us, “Morning” I said rather quickly then immediately mentally slapped my forehead for sounding like a squeaky dog toy.
The bus pulled up and we climbed in, me and Kayla sat next to each other and Liam went and sat next to some of his friends, Miller eventually got on the bus and rolled her eyes at me before sitting in the seat across from Liam and Leant over to talk to him while flicking her hair.
I looked down disappointed.
The bus bumped down the road a bit more heading down the main road for school and I started day dreaming about what it would like to have a boy actually, sweep me off my feet, make it hard for me to breather, or Call Me Beautiful.

The bell rang as I got up from my first period and headed down the busy hall towards my locker with my backpack over my shoulder and arms full of books.
I sighed as people bumped past me and a few couples went past holding hands, I was lost in my thoughts when all of a sudden someone bumped into me and I fell on the ground, my books going everywhere.
“Oh my gosh Sky! I am so sorry” said a panicked Liam, I opened my eyes and looked up at him, “its okay Liam” I said and smiled slightly to show I was okay.
He held out his hand and I took it as he helped me get up, then he bent down picking up my books while apologising again.
“I’m fine, really” I said with a soft laugh, “Thanks” I say as he hands me my books.
Another couple went past, like seriously what is this Valentine’s Day or Noah’s ark or something?
I sighed and watched the two walk off, “You okay?” Liam asked, concerned.
I turned back to him and nodded, “I’m fine, I’ll see you later” I said quickly then walked down the hall towards my locker while quickening my pace.
I looked back over my shoulder and saw that Liam was still watching me, I smiled to reassure him I was fine which he returned then continued in the opposite direction.

I finally made it to my locker and noticed a yellow post it note stuck on the front of my locker.
I pulled it off and read the note, "you look really Pretty today Sky, You made my day with just a single smile."
Rolling my eyes, I crumpled it up before throwing it in a trash can, Normally I can take a prank, but today just isn’t my day, don’t mess with me.
I opened my lockers and got out my next classes books and headed in that direction.
“Hey you don’t know who put that note on my locker do you?” I asked Kayla, she looked rather confused and shook her head, “No, what did It say?” I told her and her grinned, “Looks like someone’s got a secret admirer.”
“P-lease, I have a feeling its some dumb prank” I said as we sat down and waited for Math class to start.

Before I knew it, I was sitting in my fourth class which was Chemistry, insert yawn here.
I sat on one of the bench stools near one of the tables- class was just starting as Liam quickly rushed in and sat in the stool next to me.
After the teacher instructed us all on doing this experiment we all went about it working as partners.
I read the list placed in front of us as Liam started talking, “Hey I heard you got yourself a secret admirer” he said with a smirk.
I rolled my eyes and turned to face him, “Please, it was probably one of your knuckle head friends pulling a prank on me, besides as if anyone would be my secret admirer” I said quietly.
He looked confused before saying with a grin, “Okay firstly, I know for a fact that my knuckle head friends didn’t write you that note, they would have told me. And secondly, why wouldn’t anyone be your secret admirer? You’re an amazing person Sky” he said sincerely.
“Wait, how did you even know about the note?” I asked suspiciously, he turned back to the sheet of paper before saying as if it were nothing, “I walked past your locker and saw it.”
I nodded, “But still, he’s probably a stalker” Liam laughed and turned his face slightly, “Maybe you should write him a note and leave a message or something, you never know Sky,” then he finished dramatically, “he could be the love of your life”.
I laughed and pushed his arm slightly, he was still laughing but as I looked into his big brown eyes I saw something flash across his eyes…hurt? Hope? I don’t know.
He started cracking these jokes which made us lose concentration on what we were doing, which made Liam pour the wrong chemical into this other chemical, which turned into a slight disaster.
The whole class looked at the shattered beacon and the gross gooey stuff all over our papers.
The teacher wasn’t very impressed…

After fourth period just before everyone started heading for the cafeteria I took up Liam’s advice and left a note on my locker.
" Look if this is some sort of joke, cut it cause’ I’m really not having the best day…Thanks"
And with that I headed for the cafeteria.

The day went by fast and before I knew it, it was time to head home, me and Kayla headed to our lockers to get everything we needed for homework.
“OOH!! Looks like Secret Lover boy’s at it again!” Kayla jumped up and down excitedly she pointed to a new post-it note stuck to my locker along with a white thornless rose with it
“again” I whined, this joke is really getting on my nerves.
I pulled it off my locker and read the note, " What’s up Sky? Chemistry was pretty funny, aye? I hope your day gets better cutie xoxo  ps: I’m not pranking you, I would never hurt you -D"

Kayla squealed excitedly as she read it with me, I looked back at her, “I don’t think it’s a prank Sky, he would have given up by now. He is sooo sweet!!” She smiled at me.
A smile broke across my lips, “Your right…” we both jumped around while letting out little girl giggles and squeals, then began happy dancing while held the flower and note in my hand.
“Nice Moves Ladies” said a familiar voice, we both spun around and faced a grinning Liam.
We both started laughing, “What’s that?” he asked pointing at the things in my hand.
“Her secret Admirer sent her another note!” Chirped Kayla which made me laugh and then I looked back up at Liam.
He rolled his eyes playfully and we began walking down the almost deserted hallway towards our bus, which is the last bus to leave.
Liam walked next to me and gently nudged me, then bent down and softly said “It’s good to see you smiling again Cutie.”
I smiled and twirled the rose in between my fingers, “I wonder how he knew my favourite flower…” I said and Liam just shrugged, “Very observant?” he said matter-of-factly with a smile, “Great…maybe he’s a stalker!”
He laughed and we all got on the bus and headed home.

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