The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


1. Part 1 Chapter 1

“Aren’t you afraid … at ALL!?” Albus asked his cousin Rose

“No I’m not. I KNOW there’s NO way I’M not getting sorted into slytherin and I know you’re not either so stop worrying you won’t be slytherin” Rose sighed

“Not fans of Slytherin eh?” a voice said from the door way of the carriage. It was him the boy Rose’s dad had warned them about, Scorpius. Rose remembered what her father had told her about getting close to him so she turned her head towards the window ignoring Scorpius completely.

“Aren’t you afraid of being in Slytherin?” Albus asked the boy

“My whole family was slytherin so I’m not betting on being anything else” Scorpius mumbled

“Come on Al lets go find another carriage” Rose said staring at the boy coldly

“Do you have a problem with me or something?” Scorpius asked confused.

“Rose what’s wrong?” Al asked

“Don’t you remember what my dad said about him!?” Rose asked Albus. Scorpius chuckled

“Oh I understand Daddy’s warned you to stay away from a Malfoy. And you wouldn’t want to disobey Daddy. I bet you do everything daddy says” Scorpius chuckled

“Do Not!” Rose said angrily

“Bet you do, you’re a daddy’s girl aren’t you!” Scorpius said. Rose scowled

“Come on Al can we PLEASE find another carriage I don’t want to be around the likes of him!” Rose said

“You don’t even know me all you know is my name!” Scorpius said

“Albus Severus Potter! Are we leaving or not!?” Rose exclaimed angrily ignoring Scorpius.

“Oh so you’re the famous Harry Potters’ son! Bet your after the fame aren’t you freckles” Scorpius said to Rose who had always been insecure about her freckles.

“HE’S MY COUSIN!” Rose shouted before grabbing Albus by the wrist and dragging him out of the carriage.

“Rose, where are we going?” Albus asked as she grabbed his wrist tighter and dragged him further down the hall

“To find our cousins!”  Rose said.

The eventually arrived at a carriage with 2 girls in. One of the girls was wearing their Hogwarts robes the same as Rose. But the other was dressed casually. The youngest of the girls again had ginger hair with a butterfly hair clip in the back she looked to be 11. She looked scared and nervous, the other girl had black hair and looked to be 12 she had her arm around the youngest and was wearing a denim skirt and a pink T-shirt with the weird sisters on it. These people where Rose and Albus’ cousins Lucy(the youngest), Molly (the elder).

“Hey Rose, Hey Al” Molly said

“Hey Moll, hey Luce” Albus greeted. Rose just sat down sat down still angrily.

“What’s the matter with her?” Molly asked

“she got into a fight with a boy about nothing” Albus sighed

“It wasn’t nothing! There was a reason I was supposed to stay away from him Al or else dad wouldn’t have asked me!” Rose explained

“Scorpius is right you know you ARE a Daddy’s girl” Albus said obviously annoyed

“I AM NOT!” Rose said defensively

“Um.. It’s kind of true Rose” Molly said Rose scowled

“Even if I was it was NONE of his business!” Rose scowled and stormed out by herself.

“This is going to be a fun year” Albus sighed


The rest of the train ride was long and boring, Rose stayed in a compartment by herself and Albus stayed with his cousins. When the train finally arrived at Hogwarts Albus nervously stepped off and looked through the big crowd for Rose.

“Al! Albus!” he herd Rose’s voice exclaim he turned around to find her making her way through a crowd to him

“Hi, how was the rest of the train ride?” Rose asked, clearly calmer now.

“Okay, a bit boring you?”

“It was much better when we left that boy, I read most of the way” Rose explained, Albus sighed

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” he said sarcastically as they made their way towards the boats. Al and Rose stepped into the closest one. Rose sat at the front and Albus sat behind

“Hey mind if I join you?” they herd the familiar voice of Scorpius Malfoy, Albus looked at his cousin and saw her scowling viciously at him. Albus sighed.

“Of course you can” Albus said Scorpius stepped in and decided it was better to sit by Albus seeing as Rose already hated him enough.

“Don’t mind Rose, she really is a daddy’s girl. Don’t take anything she say personally” Albus told Scorpius, for a moment Scorpius looked at Albus confused then he slightly smiled

“Thanks, Is she always this… judgmental?” Scorpius finally decided on the right word

“No, she just listens to everything her dad says, but it can’t last forever or at least I hope it won’t” Albus explain Scorpius smiled

“So if not Slytherin which house do you want to be in?” Scorpius asked

“Well my brothers in Gryffindor and that doesn’t seem so bad, neither does Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw” Albus said thoughtfully

“You’re so lucky you still have options!” Scorpius sighed

“Don’t you want to be in Slytherin?” Albus asked confused, his father had told him about the Malfoys’ he said they prided themselves in being pureblood’s and all slytherin, If he didn’t look so much like his father you might not have even believed he was a Malfoy

“Well I want to impress my dad, but I’m not like him I don’t want to be a Slytherin” Scorpius sighed.

“Oh yes I’m sure you’re going to break the Malfoy stereotype.” Rose scoffed sarcastically. Scorpius stayed silent. The rest of the boat ride was rather awkward and uncomfortable.


Finally they arrived at the Castle. Out of all of them Rose was the most excited she had been waiting to see that castle for AGES and she was right there. All the first years stared in awe of the beautiful castle and as they all walked inside everyone stared in amazement at everything, they arrived in the hall in a huddle.

“Right student when I call your name you will come forth and sit on the stool and I will place the sorting hat on your head and you will be sorted into your houses, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor.” the deputy head, professor Longbottom said. He began calling the list

“Morgan Apperly” he called. He stepped forward and sat on the stool

“RAVENCLAW” the hat called out he went and sat with the rest of the cheering Ravenclaws’ the list continued

“Hydra Dean” Professor Longbottom called out. She sat down nervously and the hat was placed on her head

“SLYTHERIN” The hat called out quite quickly. Hydra walked over to the happy Slytherins’

“Scorpius Malfoy” Professor Longbottom said. Albus saw the Slytherins’ looking at each other smugly knowing fully well where Scorpius would be sorted. The hat was placed on Scorpius’ head, it took quite a while deciding where Scorpius should go.

“GRYFFINDOR” the hat finally shouted out. The whole hall stayed silent Scorpius stayed on the stool for a few seconds longer than he should have. Eyes wide in shock. Before finally slowly getting up the Gryffindors’ started cheering while the Slytherins scowled.

“Albus Potter”

Albus nervously walked up to the stool shaking. The whole room went silent staring at him Albus took a seat on the stool and the hat was dropped on his messy black hair

Ah another Potter, I expect you want to be in Gryffindor too

Albus thought for a moment if he said yes that’s where he would be but he would never truly know where he would belong

Second thoughts eh potter?

“Put me where I truly belong” Albus though to the hat

Are you sure? You’re the only Potter that’s let me decide! Hmm brave, but smart too, determined to prove yourself, and extremely loyal you could do well in every house are you sure you don’t want to decide?

“I want to be where I would do best” Albus insisted

Alright then “GRYFFINDOR!”

There was an outburst of cheering from the Gryffindor table mainly from James, Albus’ brother and Scorpius Albus’ new friend. Albus sat down opposite Scorpius. More names got called out until only Rose was left.

“Rose Weasley” Professor Longbottom called. Rose walked up there as confident as ever.

“How much do you want a bet she’s in Slytherin?” Scorpius whispered

“hmm quite high” Albus said. The hat took some time with her before finally shouting out


The Gryffindors cheered. Even Scorpius clapped lightly.

“LET THE FEAST BEGIN” the headmaster professor Harlow announced



“Come on were even late for our first breakfast let alone our first class!” Albus exclaimed as he and Scorpius ran down the staircase and into the hall. Albus took a seat next to his cousin Rose Weasley who was sitting eating her breakfast, being Hermione Granger-Weasley’s daughter she was obviously the first one their quarter or an hour before everyone else.

“Albus you’re 10 minutes late!” Rose exclaimed throwing a snide glance at Scorpius as if it was all his fault. He took a seat opposite Al and Rose.

“Have the Owls came yet?” Al asked

“No your lucky there late today!” Rose sighed. Just as she spoke a flutter of owls rushed through the window in an adrenalin filled second they scattered across the room determined to drop their heavy loads and rush pack through the window for their pay of one mice per parcel. A snowy white owl glided smoothly across the Gryffindor table dropping the letters onto Albus’ seat another tawny owl and another barn owl followed behind and dropped letters on Rose and Scorpius’ places. Ontop of Scorpius’ small pile of letters was a shiny smooth blood red sharp edged envelope with a black bow tied tightly vertically across it. Scorpius’ scowl changed to a look of terror and disbelief, his crystal blue eyes changed from their cool state to much wider and concerned state, but not concern for anyone else just his health. Suddenly a thunderous crash brought Scorpius’ attention away from the letter and onto the snowy white owl in a heap next to the door that it had just flew into

“Bloody Bird” Al sighed as the owl slowly began to fly away and all attention was brought back to the envelope.

“What’s that?” Amile Dursley asked

“It’s a howler, it’s a letter sent from wizard of witch to one another to complain, yell or HOWL at each other.” Rose commented not looking up from her newspaper.

“Open it!” Morgan Apperly urged. Scorpius looked at Albus with a frightened glance Albus shrugged and Scorpius slowly began to pull the sides of the black ribbon and all in a flash of a second the letter sprang to life and jumped into the shape of a mouth.

“HOW DARE YOU!!!” an angry voice bellowed causing Scorpius to lean backwards as the mouth came towards him.


“HE IS OUR SON AND HE IS COMEING HOME TO US EVEN IF HE IS A GRYFFINDOR!” Scorpius’ mother bellowed loudly to his father.


“NO BUT’S DRACO!”  Scorpius’ mother screamed so loud and piercing that it caused to howler to explode and shower Scorpius with red paper dust. After a few moments of silence Rose finally spoke.

“Oh look it’s a letter from mum and dad their PROUD of me” Rose said snidely opening her own letters.

“That’s because your family have no standards!” Scorpius shouted in pain and ran off.


“Oh look at the goody goody!” Jasper Zabinie snarled

“He can’t be a REAL Malfoy they properly never told him he was adopted” Sienna Vane chucked evilly

“Or If he is he will be soon. didn’t you hear the howler? His father’s not going to want him back!” Jasper said Scorpius crossed his arms and placed his head in them. Albus who was sitting next to him and had turned very red at Sienna’s comment, glared at them then turned to Scorpius

“Just ignore them your better than they are” Albus said.

“Aw Young Love” Jasper said smiling maliciously. Sienna burst out laughing with Jasper until Rose gave them a scary glance and they both decided to shut up as they valued their health and Rose was considerably more scary than Albus. Professor Longbottom pushed opened the door and speed walked down the aisle between the two long Herbology work benches and was almost at the end but he tripped over the watering can and fell into a heap on the floor. Everyone burst into laughter except Rose and Scorpius who rushed forward to help him up. once Professor Longbottom had recovered Rose glanced evilly at Scorpius who sighed.

“Oh look he’s helping his ‘ikle teacher. Next thing you know he’ll be giving him apples.” Sienna whispered to Jasper mimicking a babies voice, only loud enough for Scorpius to hear and scowl at.

“Right Class, we’ll take attendance” Said Professor Longbottom.

“Melinda, Abbot?”


“Ellen Bones”

“Yes Sir”

“Amile Dursley?”

“Yes” Amile said in a ungrateful manner. Albus would never admit it but he hated his second cousin being a witch almost as much as her grandparents did, Her being a witch would mean he would see the spoilt brat every day and once a year was already bad enough. The register continued

“Scorpius, Malfoy?”

“Here sir” Scorpius said he could see the look of disbelief when Neville saw the G next to his name instead of an S for his house.

“Albus, Potter?” Neville asked looking around excitedly

“Here N… Professor” Al said turning red he didn’t want anyone especially the Slytherins that he knew one of the professors outside of school.

“Sienna, Vane?” Professor Longbottom called

“Yes Sir” Sienna said in an annoying high pitch that was her voice

“Rose, Weasley?”

“Present Sir” Rose said in a heavenly childlike voice that made people believe that she was as sweet as sugar. A few sighs of annoyance came out as they herd Rose sucking up already.

“And Jasper, Zabinie?” Neville finally finished off


“Right Now class this is a simple little plant that can cause severe illness. Does anyone know how we produce the charm that causes illness?” Professor Longbottom asked. Rose immediately raised her hand high in the air, waving it like it was a life or death situation, which Rose may have thought it was. So far she was the only one with her hand up, but then slower and not as high up Scorpius’ hand raised too. However this only made Rose more determined to answer the question.

“Mr. Malfoy?” Neville decided.

“Well underneath the plant a bean grows that contains fluid that if drank can cause severe illness” Scorpius said timidly.

“Oh look at the goody goody Gryffindor” Jasper sneered quietly to Sienna. Scorpius tried to ignore them but it didn’t help that if he looked the other way Rose was giving him such a sharp evil look that the expression ‘if looks could kill’ immediately sprang to mind.

“Very good Mr. Malfoy, now today I’m going to be splitting you into pairs and you will attempt to extract the bean carefully” Neville demonstrated the proper way to do it and explained all the health and safety guidelines.

“Right partners will be as followed Melinda and Sienna, Jasper and Ellen, Albus and Amile, Freya and Cole, Rose and Scorpius….” Neville continued the list of partners but already Scorpius felt sick and Rose’s fists were clenched so tight Scorpius was surprised she hadn’t hurt herself.

“Okay everyone get with your partners” Rose glared at Scorpius fiercely

“She’s harmless really” Albus attempted to reassure Scorpius

“Sure! As harmless as a mountain lion!” Scorpius reluctantly trudged over to his partner.

“Right! Let’s get a few things straight right now. I’m doing all the work as I am the smartest and you can simply write down everything I do. Can you handle that or is it too much for your little brain?” Rose said her blue eyes furiously glaring and her mouth fixed in a permanent scowl. Scorpius dared to glare back.

“What makes you think your smarter than me!?” Scorpius demanded.

“The fact that I’ve been studying ready to go to Hogwarts since I was 6!”

“And you think I haven’t!? I’M going the work, YOU write.” Scorpius said boldly, daring to take a step forward. Rose laughed sarcastically

“Don’t make laugh! I’d rather not fail!” Rose snapped taking another step forward

“Good so it’s settled, I’m doing the work”  Scorpius confidently stepped forward again.

“I’m not having a MALFOY do my work!”

“Oh and I really want a WEASLEY doing mine!” Scorpius said sarcastically. They both stepped forward again and were now less than an inch apart, glaring sharply at each other. Scorpius raised his hand.

“Professor is there any way we could switch partners?” Scorpius asked, not taking his eyes of Rose.

“I’m sorry Mr. Malfoy no swapping” Scorpius then broke eye contact and stormed off out of the room slamming the door. 

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