The story of a girl


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Let me tell you a story about a girl who wanted to help others. She always saw so much unhappiness and all she could do was stand by. ‘Cause, she had no words to comfort them and no arms to embrace them. Just empty eyes looking. No one noticed that she wanted to help. All she ever was was a drop of water in the sea.

In order to help she had to stay strong and be there. But no one came to her for help. No one wanted to be comforted by a smiling doll.

But the girl also experienced sadness. She fought with unhappiness, struggled to live. And she thought that she had to keep being strong. Crying was weakness. Who could save another if they themselves were already broken?

So she kept the feelings inside to be strong. But what is a person without feelings? A doll. All she was was a smiling doll. Wanting to help, but useless.

And that was when she realized. She couldn’t do it anymore. She just couldn’t. It was too much. The old sadness overwhelmed her and took control. The tears in her eyes couldn’t stop flowing.

When her eyes were finally dry, she could see the answer. It had been right in front of her the whole time…

Crying wasn’t a weakness. Hiding was. All the time she had hidden her true emotions she had been unable to help and unable to move on. But by showing her true emotions she could finally live freely. Honesty helped her get through her sadness. Lying only makes it worse.

And the reason I know this, is because I am her…

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