Switched With Superstar

This is all about a girl named Megan who's life is completely turned around when her body get's switched with Perrie Edwards from little mix. there a lots of twists and turns. Enjoy!


1. Meeting up


Hey, hey, hey! My name is Megan but you can call me Meg for short. This is the story of how I got my body swapped with a huge pop-star. You'll never guess who! So it all started at the Starbucks near my best friend Sophie's house. We went there before going to the movies that day. It was a pretty nice day. The sun was out and shining bright. This Starbucks was usually crowded because a lot of celebrities come here. And where celebs are, fans are right there with them. I really couldn't handle all these people around me. Did I mention that I'm EXTREMELY cluster phobic?

"Um, Soph could you save my spot I have to go to the loo" I said.

"No problem!" she replied smiling. Sophie was always smiling no matter what. Some people find it overwhelming but you get used to it after a while. I pushed my way through the crowd and went into the restroom in the back of the store. And that is where it all went down....


I don't want to waste too much time on introducing myself. Not to sound cocky but most people know me. Or at least most (if not all) directioners definitely know me. If you don't I'm Perrie Edwards from the band "Little Mix". Google us and I'm the blonde one. Anyways, the girls and I were walking to Starbucks to pick up some coffee before meeting with our producer. We were thinking of making a mash-up song with One Direction. For those people who are under a rock, they are another British band from the X-Factor. It just so happens to include my boyfriend Zayn Malik <3. While we were walking a crowd of fans started to mob us. Ugh!! I specifically told Leigh-Anne that we needed guard today, but nooo. Well there's no controlling them now. I take a look through the crowd deciding who I should take a picture with first. There was a strange man right smack in the middle standing there and smirking. He manages to loudly to only me without anyone else hearing.

"Perrie.....I've got a present for you" he says huskily, "You must come get it before you reach your destination, or I WILL find you and the worst will happen." I looked at him with the most confused expression as he disappeared. We took pictures and gave autographs for about 20 more minutes. By that time I had completely forgotten about the "present" from the man not knowing that doing that was probably the dumbest thing ever.


When I left the stall I was shocked to see the  Perrie Edwards standing in front of me.

"Oh my gosh you're Perrie Edwards" I say trying to keep under control. But I lost all excitement when I saw that she was clearly crying. She looked up and struggled to pull out a chuckle through her tears.

"Yep, last time I checked." she replied. This would be a really crappy time to ask for a picture.

"Um....What happened. Why are you crying?" I ask. She looked up at me with her red puffy eyes.

"You don't have to listen to me go on about my problems you know. I know you don't really care." she sniffled. 

"Actually, you're wrong. I do care. That's what fans do. I can be a fan and a friend if you need me to. Now what's wrong?" I reply putting my hand on her shoulder. She opens her mouth to say something but then tears take over before she could. When she finally stops she reaches for the roll of tissue next to her. I grab it,cut a piece and hand it to her.

"Well I just got a call from Liam" she starts, " he said they were walking across the street to Nando's and..." By now the tears started flooding back into her eyes . I couldn't help but be even more worried than before at this time.

"And?" I said really wanting to know what happened.

"Zayn saw a little girl in the middle of the street. A truck was coming and being the nice person he is, he pushed her out of the way. But he didn't get himself out of the way quick enough. So now he's in he ER and I don't know what to do!" she said raising her voice slightly. I just stood there shocked. What did I just hear?


After I told finished telling the fan why I was crying, she was on the verge of tears herself.

"You should probably go see him and only think positively right now." she finally said. She seemed really nice. This could potentially be the start of a good friendship! Wow look at me already trying to predict the future. I don't even know the girl's name yet!

"So, what's your name?" I ask.

"It's um, Megan." she says, "but you could call me Meg. I honestly could care less." she chuckles.

"Well Meg, we should really keep in touch." I say pulling out my phone. She looked utterly shocked at this.

"Really? You want to keep in touch with me?! But you're all 'and they can't detain you! These wings are made to fly!' " she says singing the quote, " and I'm all 'never was model. Never was a scholar. But you were always popular' " she sung that quote as well. I've got admit, her voice is AMAZING. Now we really have to keep in touch. Simon's going to love this one!

"Yeah, totally! Now that I've heard you sing we really have to! What's your number?" I ask

"Well my friend kind of has my phone right now. I mean I assume you would want me to have your number too right?" she says in return.

"Oh, yeah. Right. Let's go get your phone first and then we can exchange numbers!" I smile reaching for the doorknob. When I touch it, it gives me a huge shock.

"Ouch!" I exclaim jolting back, "It shocked me badly!" Megan just has her widened eyes glued to the door. By know there were visible sparks all over the metal knob.

"Maybe you should've looked at it first. Besides that, how are we going to get out?" she asked. Well that was a great question! I looked around thinking of our options.

"The window!" I finally shouted. We walked over and looked down to see the distance we would have to jump. It was practically on the ground, so naturally I thought this would be really easy.  I mean wouldn't you think so too. Well that  mindset was wrong. That small jump turned out to be the start of one of the strangest experiences I have EVER had.







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