Blinding love

Have you ever heard of my best friend? You know, Louis Tomlinson. Yes I mean THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. We've been friends since we were 4. We started primary school together and promised to never split up. We never had. We Skype everyday, he sees me everyday. But I never see him, want to know why.... Because i'm blind! Yep me, blind. Louis doesn't know though. I haven't seen him face to face in two years. It's not his fault. I moved away from Doncaster and everytime he's off he goes there to see family. I plan to tell him though, I just don't know when!


1. To see your face one more time, is all i really want

Bellas P.O.V


I sat staring, I could tell you what I was staring at, but in all honesty I don't know. I will never know, not unless someone told me. I know i'm staring though.

"Ahhh Miss Jackson, nice to see you. Right this way" The doctor said, holding his arm out in front of me, like he always did. I took it and followed him into his office, not that I needed a guide, i'd been in this doctors surgery so many times. I sat in the comfy chair of Doctor Freemans office. I stroked the soft texture of it.

"Here for your monthly check-up?" He asked and I nodded. I felt him lift my eye lid up, the sound of his light startled me, it's true what they say. When you lose one sense, the others become stronger.

"How's it looking?" I asked.

"Well the redness is still at a minimal, however this could all change pretty suddenly. Miss Jackson, if you do not raise sufficient funds soon, this could be permanent. I would love to help you, but the cost really is too high." He said.

"I know" I sighed. A year and a half ago I lost my eye sight, some disease, it wouldn't be permanent. There's an operation that can save it. But it costs too much. £100,000. I've been told countless times that I should ask Louis. The problem is he would insist on helping me, and I don't want him to spend that much money on me, it's not fair. I got told when it first happened that I had about 2 years until It was un-fixable. For the first 2 months I could vaguely see, then it disappeared. Louis never noticed though, even on our routine Skype calls he never noticed. I'm planning to tell him either after the operation, or if I never get it, when its permanent.

"Well you're free to go. We'll call you letting you know. I'll see you in a month Miss Jackson" He said and I smiled my thanks. I walked out the door, with his un-needed aid and into the corridor. I heard a familiar voice ring down the hallway

"For gods sake Lou, it's a cold not a life threatening illness, did you really have to provoke screaming girls" A deep, raspy voice asked.

"Yes Harold, yes I did. Besides, Bella lives about 5 minutes walk away from here. I'm gonna surprise her" Another familiar voice replied. Oh god Louis and Harry. Where do I go. I could hear their muttering getting nearer. I made sure my sunglasses covered my eyes and I stood there. My freeman left, thinking I was going to get my stick out. I made my hair cover my face and stood there, hoping neither of them would see me. I heard one of them walk past, paying no attention to me. I breathed a sigh of relief and began to shuffle slightly along the corridor

"Louis wait... Oh my god, i'm so sorry. I didn't see you there.... BELLA!" I heard Harry say as we both fell to the floor. Oh god!

"Harry please shhhh" I begged but it was too late. I heard footsteps run across the hall and before I knew it, I felt a warm hand place itself on my back. Louis began talking to me.

"Bella for gods sake look at me!" He shouted after a while, getting irritated. I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

"I can't Louis" I replied simply, between my soft sobs

"Why Bell, I mean come on, he's not that ugly" Harry said with a chuckle

"I cant look at you..." I began "Because imblind!" I muttered, so he couldn't understand me

"What?" Louis asked. I sighed

"Because I'm blind Louis! I'm blind and have been for the last year and a half!"

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