Ghost stories

Enter, if you dare! Beware, your in for a scare!


1. A girl and her doll

 There was once a girl name Jamie, she had a happy life, well what could I say. She was five! She loved to read and draw, but there was nothing she loved better then using her imagination.


 She always imagined something, weather it was aliens or monsters under her bed.


Today was her birthday and she couldn't wait to get her gift from her mother.


 "Mommy" she asked "when can I get my present?" She asked curiously.


 "You can get it now sweet heart" she said pulling out a box from her back. 


 She took and opened the lid carefully to a doll, not like a Barbie but a pretty American girl like doll. She hugged it and hugged her mother tightly. 


 "I love it!" She said as she walked up to her room to begun a tea party. 


 She set down tea cups and a tea pot and set her doll on a chair as she put on her favourite dress and tied a bow in her hair.


 She said down and smiled. "Hi I am  Jamie, what is your name?" She said.


"Lilly" the doll said.


Her jaw dropped "you can talk!" Jamie yelled. 


 "Yes, and I have something important to tell you" the doll hissed.


 "And what's that?" Jamie asked titling her head to the side.


 "I brought friends" Lilly said.


 "Friends? Where?" She asked.


The closet door opened and the sound of foot steps patted across the floor.


"Hi" Jamie said, she was starting to get a bad feeling about these kids.


The voices of the kids echoed around the room and Lilly stared at Jamie. 


 "You must not make any other friends, okay, you have to promise" Lilly said.


 Jamie nodded "I promise" she said.


"If you break this promise you well be punished" Lilly said. The dolls head turned completely around and Jamie screamed loudly and ran down stairs to where her mother was,


 "What's wrong?" Her mother asked.


"It's Lilly.....she can talk!" Jamie yelled.


"Lilly? Is that your new doll?" Her mother asked.

Jamie nodded "she talks to me!" 


Her mother shook her head "I'm sure it is just your imagination, you want to go to the park?" 


Jamie jumped up and down "park park park!" She yelled and took her mothers hand as they walked down the road and walked to the park.



After a long wile at the park Jamie started to get tired so the walked home and Jamie walked up to her room.

She gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Stuff was everywhere and the words 'you broke your promise' was wrote on the wall with red sticky stuff. Jamie looked around but Lilly was no where to be found. 


She looked under her bed to where Lilly was lying. Jamie pulled her out and sat her up. "Lilly, why did you destroy my room?" Jamie asked. 

"You broke your promise, you need to be punished" she said "do it any more and.....I will have to kill you" she said.

Tears rushed down Jamie's  face "I'm sorry Lilly, please don't hurt me!" She yelled.


 Her mother walked up stairs and opened the door. "Jamie where you talking to someone?" 


She nodded "I was talking to Lilly" she said as she whipped tears off her face.


 "Maybe it's best if I take Lilly for a little bit" she said and picked the doll up.

She carried it out and put it on the couch as she walked back upstairs. "Lets get you in bed Jamie" she said.


Jamie crawled in bed and closed her eyes. "Good night mom" she said as she let out a big yawn. 


Her mother walked downstairs and begun to cook her self some food. She hummed to herself and smiled. 

 Foot steps begun to go across the ground and something was knocking on the walls. "Jamie~ Jamie~" a voice sung.


Her mother gasped as she turned around and headed towards the living room. The doll wasn't there....

Her mother begun to search rapidly but still couldn't find the doll. A loud scream came from upstairs. 

She ran quickly up the stairs and stopped red foot steps and hand prigs covered the walls and floors. At the end of the hall way was the girl, eyes rolled in the back of her head, blood covered the floor and the doll was sitting on her stomach, smiling at Jamie's mother.

 She walked down to the end of the hall. "Because she broke her promise" was wrote on the wall.


Tears where in her mothers eyes. "Why would you do this!" She yelled at the doll and grabbed it by it's hair.

The doll stayed quite and stared at her. "SPEAK TO ME!" She yelled and shook the doll.


"She broke her promise" the doll growled as it choked the girls mother, to death. 


Some people say it was all the dolls fault, some say they where just crazy and died of natural causes. What do you think happened?

What can I say a doll is a girls best friend.


The doll was left laughing and guess what.........YOUR NEXT! Muhahahaha  

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