I'm back (Sequel to One Direction's New Sister) (BVB)

I left. Now I'm back.

A year later the BVB tour ended. Andy and Skylar are still going strong. But what happens when she returns to the five boys who loved her, but she still left them? Two of the boys still love her deeply, but before she left they ruined their chances. But add a love square terrible old habits, and new addictions and see how long it takes before someone breaks.


14. Saying Yes

Skylars POV-

"Sky I love you and will never stop loving you no matter how hard I try so this is a promise ring to always love each other no matter what.See I have mine on right now I know I may have disappointed you in not asking for your hand in marriage but I think we shouldn't rush and wait.You see I knew you were special when you fist came I just didn't realize I loved you quick enough.I may have  been a jerk but can you please accept this promise ring!!!"He finished.

"That must have been a mouthful,did u practice it in front of a mirror"I replied and the crowd watching laughed.I looked into Harry's eyes to see if he meant it.

"OK"I finally announced.Everyone cheered.Harry smiled and slipped the ring onto my finger.I smiled and spent the rest of my night having a greater time.Who knew my life will turn out like this!!!


Hey guys gamegireven though I said I changed it its still my pen name till I let it go.The snow goes wide on the mountain tonight  not a footprint to be seen a kingdom of.....................If its even right!!

So bye my rosy fanfictioners!!!

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