When Three Become Four

What if Harry Potter wasn't the only person Voldemort wants? What if their was another innocent girl who knows how Harry feels? Who knows what Harry goes through? What happens when the two people with the same prophecy (to be the ones to kill Voldemort) meet and come together. fight together. and will never be split apart. (of course not forgetting Ron and Hermione.)


1. The Beginning Of a New Life

One ordinary day I was out with my two friends Lily and Emily. I was turning 11 tomorrow, so had invited them round. My name is Jess Jones. I have long blonde hair and a thin figure. Lily was 10 and had short brown hair and blue eyes. Emily was 11 already and had brown eyes to match her shoulder-length brown hair. We had all gone down to the park to play catch. We were having a great game until, lily threw the ball to far and it landed deep into the woods behind us. No-one had ever dared to go beyond the line engraved at the front of the woods, not even the bravest men, people were to scared of what they would discover beyond the line. I however had always wanted to go into the woods as i longed for an adventure. But my friends always stopped me for it was too dangerous, but now there was an excuse to go into the woods. Suddenly a feeling came over me as I decided to use the excuse; I started to run into the woods when Emily started shouting “stop!”  But I ignored her and carried on going until I was over the forbidden line… As soon as I got into the woods I wished I hadn't  Everywhere I looked there were dark shadows and tall old trees. I screamed with fright as I suddenly felt a long hand slowly making its way to my throat.


“Oh no” lily and Emily both said together. They had heard the terrified scream of Rosie and didn’t know what to do. Rosie was there best friend and they would do anything to help her even risk their own lives. “We have to go after her!” Emily said. “Are you crazy!” lily replied. But before she could say another word Emily was off after Rosie. “I wish people would stop running away” lily thought to herself. “It’s starting to get on my nerves!” so with a deep breath lily went after Rosie and now Emily too. Both Emily and lily reached the line engraved at the front of the woods at the same time they looked at each other as if thinking, ‘are we really doing this right now?’ they both stepped over the line together and entered the mystical wood beyond.



I was by now trembling with fear as the thin hand came closer to me as each second went by. Suddenly with a lot of surprise I saw my two very best friends charging towards the tall shadowy figure standing right behind me. Before anyone could say another word both girls had knocked over the figure. However they were now screaming their heads off as two other figures came out of the shadows and into the open. It all happened so fast, the first figure came back to his senses pretty quickly and grabbed me once again this time one hand over my mouth, the other holding a knife to my throat. The other two came towards lily and Emily, and quick as lightening grabbed both by their hair holding them up and again covering their mouths with the other hand. Meanwhile a FOURTH figure had made an appearance and was now chuckling and grinning to himself as he watched the scene un-roll before him.


All of us girls were now able to see the four figures properly now but wished we hadn't. Each one looked the same but there was a difference between each one. They all had long black cloaks with the hoods half-covering their sly, dull faces. All quite tall and heavily built. However each one had a different marking somewhere on their bodies. The one holding lily had a long scar across his left cheek ( he reminded me a bit of a werewolf-weird huh), the one who grabbed Emily had a skull and cross bones engraved on his right cheek, the one with me had a skull with what looked like a snake wrapped around it on his lower left arm. but the most interesting one was the one smirking to herself she looked mad and had no marks but wild hair and an even more wild expression on her face.


Then I realised the woman grinning was holding something in her arms, my ball! I don’t know what came over me but before I could stop myself I blurted out “hey that’s my ball, you idiot.” As soon as the words left my mouth I regretted it. The woman started walking towards me until we were nose to nose, she spat in my face and said “ oh is it now then I suppose I better return it… or maybe not!” and she took out what looked like a stick muttered something and the ball exploded into tiny pieces. I couldn't control my shock as I gasped. Then the woman said turning to the figure holding me from behind “Lucius, why don’t you show us what happens to girls who don’t behave themselves.” she laughed and watched as Lucius then grabbed my wrist and slit my vein with the knife he was holding to my throat. Pain instantly shot through me at top speed, but I wouldn't let him win so I tried to hide the pain as much as I could. I did well until I looked down and saw my blood soaked sleeve and the puddle underneath me. I broke down and sobbed which made lily and Emily start. Lily whimpered and said “why are you doing this to us?!” However, before the crazy woman could reply her smirk suddenly disappeared as she saw 5 people standing right behind her, all wearing cloaks as well. Then, something insane happened. I saw numerous flashes of light, lots of blood and people collapsing. Then everything went black I couldn't see or hear anything and suddenly I fell, fell into a deep sleep.





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